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Ankling(4 posts)

Aug 31, 2002 8:39 AM


What is the general consensus? "Mr. Ankling" also seems to believe crank length is very significant... another issue that seems to be debunked in other "research."
re: AnklingFredrico
Aug 31, 2002 2:57 PM
So Full Monty thinks ankling is the way, and Sheldon Brown tried it and got pulled tendons. Others, Borysewicz, Hinault, LeMond et. al. have said ankling is not something that must be done consciously, but occurs naturally as a part of a smooth pedal stroke.

Hinault observed Merckx held his ankles steady and "pedaled with his heels," feet horizontal to the ground, Jacques Anquetil pedaled with his toes pointing down almost the entire stroke, and Coppi ankled somewhat between downstroke and upstroke.

Most would agree, I think, that the ankle should hold the foot on the pedal, so the quads can push efficiently on the tibia, the connecting rod, which delivers the power to the pedals. Pulling back and up would require the same stability in the ankle, in this scenario.

So the ankle should be flexible, yes, for a smooth stroke, but let the big muscles do the work.
I use my ankles a lot...TFerguson
Sep 1, 2002 5:53 AM
I have big calf muscles from uphill walking and running and use them.
But there is a "speed limit" for really fast spinning when they can no longer keep up and I have to lock my toes down. Does anybody else have this cadence limit?
ankling seem to helps on uphill mostly (nm)mrbimgee
Sep 1, 2002 8:12 PM