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Rides in Sedona AZ?(4 posts)

Rides in Sedona AZ?dave woof
Aug 30, 2002 12:54 PM
I'm heading out with a friend for a Sunday drive to Sedona, AZ - anyone know any good 2-3 hour (or 30-40 mile) road rides up there? We need something flat for the most part, rollers ok but no long grinding climbs for her...


Rent some MTB bikesCT5
Aug 30, 2002 2:38 PM
MTB riding is better than road riding there. I think the best roads are the main roads in and out to the north and south, and they can be pretty crowded. Rent a MTB instead and do the Buddah Beach trail ride. 3-4 hour ride. Nice river to take a dip in about half way through, and nice views the whole way. You'll remember it forever.
re: Rides in Sedona AZ?rtyszko
Aug 30, 2002 3:19 PM
Dave, Rent some mountain bikes and tool all over the place. Sedona is in a valley and all roads lead upwards. There is a paved trail along the road into Sedona (if coming from Cottonwood) about 10 miles long that has several shoots off for mountain bikes. If you really want to do some road stuff head back out of Sedona (Away from Oak Creek) and go. Trouble is that there are hills not far out of town any way you go.

Have fun.

Bob Tyszko
Third the MTB option. . .js5280
Aug 31, 2002 7:37 AM
Great MTB riding in Sedona. I was there in the spring. I wouldn't recommend road riding because the roads are rather tight and will be busy with sightseers on the weekend. There a wide variety of MTB trails and they get you to the most beautiful parts of the area. There's a great trail system in Red Rock State Park, one of the most scenic areas in Sedona. Broken Arrow (picture below) is probably the most popular of the trails in Red Rocks and isn't too tough. Careful though, there are some hard-core trails in the same area. Check out one of the LBS for a map of the area to be safe and not get lost. They have a good, inexpensive one that shows a ton of trails and rates them on technical and physical effort. Also tells what type of trail (e.g. single track, jeep trail, etc.) It's paper bag brown in color with brown ink. I got mine at Mountain Bike Heaven on Highway 89A, I do know that they rent decent MTB bikes there. Hope that helps. Don't forget your crystals and watch out for the vortices ;-)