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Weiwentg... shoe help please...(4 posts)

Weiwentg... shoe help please...5ive
Aug 30, 2002 11:17 AM
While searching through the archive, I've found out that you are using Shimano R150 + Speedplay combo. I'm a Speedplay user and thinking about purchasing R150 shoes. But on the Speedplay website, I've found the following information:

"X Pedal-NOT COMPATIBLE. Although Standard Snap-Shim cleat will mount to the Y2K SPD-R carbon sole, this shoe is too wide to clear crank arm, preventing safe release. Special longer spindles available from Speedplay must be used to ensure compatibility with carbon soled SPD-R shoes."

Is this information incorrect? Are you experiencing any problems with release as described above?

Also, how do you like your R150 in general?

Thanx in advance.
they work.weiwentg
Aug 31, 2002 4:01 AM
I'm wearing size 42s, with X2s. I have enough clearance, but my cleats are all the way inboard. there is even enough room for me to wear booties. and I am using Shimano hollowtech cranks. of course, the cleat position might mess up your q-factor - I am fine with it.
I would say that, if you were using X1s, there would be very little clearance. if you wear really big shoes, ditto. if you're using the combo with Campy cranks, it should improve things somewhat.
and the R150s are pretty good. I think some people had problems with hot spots; a change of insoles solved that. good luck!
Aug 31, 2002 5:36 AM
Thanks for the information. I'm on X1 + Campy Cranks + Size 44.5. I guess it wouldn't hurt to try them. But I wondered what's so different about these shoes for speedplay to put out this warning. Thanks again.
no problemweiwentg
Aug 31, 2002 3:47 PM
I don't THINK that combo will work out for you, but I could be wrong ... if you're buying the shoes from a bike store, you could always try them out.