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Tyler gets "doored"!(13 posts)

Tyler gets "doored"!Pecos
Aug 30, 2002 6:57 AM
I wonder how long his career can last with all of the abuse his body takes. This article from explains his latest mishap. Ouch!

old news and his own fault!(nm)merckx56
Aug 30, 2002 7:14 AM
why was it his fault?Steve_0
Aug 30, 2002 8:19 AM
it's notmr_spin
Aug 30, 2002 8:41 AM
People just love to bitch about Tyler's crashes. I'll bet he crashes no more than most other guys in the peloton, and the door incident can hardly be his fault. The same goes for the broken hub in the Giro.

Why isn't anyone saying the same things about Christophe Moreau? He seemed to fall on his ass every day in the Tour this year, before he finally just said "merde alors!" and dropped out.
why was it his fault?merckx56
Aug 30, 2002 9:50 AM
warming up for a time trial, especially an important one and at the pro level in europe, very rarely do you see guys on the road. they warm up on a trainer. tyler even admitted to having his head down when he got doored. he had a huge gash on top of his head, right at the hairline.
as for the wheel/hub prob in the giro, that was his mechanics fault for removing pawls in an attempt to lessen the friction inside the hub while freewheeling on a descent.
he stood to climb and the freewheel did not engage!
Aug 30, 2002 9:57 AM
someone elses carelessness was HIS fault because he chose to warm up in a different manner than you would have?


Perhaps having his head down would add SOME liability to the accident; but it certainly wouldnt make it his 'fault'.
Aug 30, 2002 11:04 AM
I didn't say I would warm up that way, (even though I would and do!) but stating that pros normally warm up on the trainer. Watch a tour tape! Hmmm, look they're all on trainers!
While Tyler isn't completely to blame, he did run into the door WHILE HIS HEAD WAS DOWN! Was he doing an effort on a crowded city street? Probably!
PS- I'm guessing your a lawyer...
Confusing...Uncle Tim
Aug 30, 2002 12:11 PM
Tyler Hamilton got doored on the LEFT side, after the car had already passed his group.

I'm wondering how this could have happened.

It seems the car stopped and the passenger door opened into him. Hmmm. Why was he passing the car on the right and why so closely?
re: Tyler gets "doored"!Snakebit
Aug 30, 2002 11:35 AM
This is an interesting subject and "Dooring" comes up from time to time. Maybe some of the lawyers on the board can tell us, who really is at fault? If you are legally parked and open your door and it is removed by another auto, who is at fault?
In California...mr_spin
Aug 30, 2002 12:10 PM
22517. No person shall open the door of a vehicle on the side available to moving traffic unless it is reasonably safe to do so and can be done without interfering with the movement of such traffic, nor shall any person leave a door open upon the side of a vehicle available to moving traffic for a period of time longer than necessary to load or unload passengers.
Always person getting outPODIUMBOUNDdotCA
Aug 30, 2002 2:08 PM
Below the traffic rule in California was stated and I think its the same anywhere. I was doing drivers ed and a person opened her door as we drove by... I wasn't anywhere near hitting it but my driving instructor's joke was... you shoulda gotten that door prize! So my presumption is as you are a bicycle on the road you become somewhat a motor vehicle and as such traffic so its the fault of the person opening the door.

And even if Tyler had looked down its like going straigh through a green light and a car pulling in front of you doing an illegal left turn as you look down at the floor. They still did the illegal (dangerous left turn) so its their fault.

Aug 30, 2002 5:35 PM
If you open a door into oncoming traffic it'd YOUR fault. Yes, it was, from Tyler's perspective, an avoidable accident but there's still no excuse for this sort of no brain activity.

Tyler can and will recover but people have been killed after being "doored."

I'm surprised to hear
i cyclists
defend car occupants by blaming the cyclist.
Legally speaking...Uncle Tim
Aug 30, 2002 8:46 PM
...such accidents are almost always the fault of the person exiting the motor vehicle. There's no dispute of that.

I don't want to come down on the cyclist in this case, but we have to wonder about how this accident came to pass. The price paid for a "dooring" is just so high that, even though the law says the motorist is responsible, you just have to make sure that you don't put yourself in a position where this can happen.

Anytime a car stops in the middle of the road, a red flag has to go up. There's just no way you can be sure of what that driver is thinking. In these cases, you just have to be careful around them. Passing a car on the right, whether it's moving or stationary, is always a high risk maneuver.

The law may indicate that the motorist is at fault, but that doesn't mean you're protected against injury.