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Helmets in USCF Events(2 posts)

Helmets in USCF Eventsferrul
Aug 30, 2002 5:44 AM
Does anyone know what makes a helmet not legal in a USCF event? How would I know which helmet is legal on not?
Aug 30, 2002 6:02 AM
The USA Cycling website has the rules; helmets must be approved. Look for a sticker inside the helmet. Here are the rules:

1K1. Helmets. At all times when participating in an event held under a USA Cycling event permit, including
club rides, any rider on a bicycle or motorcycle shall wear a protective, securely fastened helmet that
satisfies the standards specified in USA Cycling Policies. (See Policy I, Sections 1 and 2.) [disqualification
for failure to wear or for removing such a helmet during a race and, in any case, a $10 fine].
"Participating in an event" means riding a bicycle in the vicinity of a race at any time between the beginning
of registration and the last awarding of prizes, but does not apply to riding rollers or stationary trainers in
order to warm up.

I. Helmets.
Section 1. Helmets Mandatory.
Part 1. At all times when participating in or preparing for an event held under a USA Cycling permit,
including club rides, motorcycle drivers and all motorcycle passengers shall wear a securely fastened helmet
that meets the US DOT motorcycle helmet standard.
Part 2. At all times when participating in or preparing for an event held under a USA Cycling permit,
including club rides, all licensees who are mounted on a bicycle shall wear a securely fastened helmet that
meets either the US DOT helmet standards or one of the following standards:
(1) American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Standard Z90.4;
(2) Snell Memorial Foundation Standard "B" or "N" series;
(3) American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM)
standard F-1447.
(4) Canadian Standards Association (CSA) standard CAN/CSA-D113.2-M;
(5) U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) standard for bicycle helmets;
(6) As to NBL only, such standards as maybe determined by its Board of Trustees to be in the best interest
of its members from time to time.
Riders shall show documentary proof of this, such as a manufacturer's label, upon request by event officials.
Beginning January 1, 2010, only the DOT and CPSC helmet standards will be recognized.
Section 2. Responsibility Warranties And the use of such helmets is strongly recommended for all bicycle
riders. It is the rider's responsibility to select and wear such a helmet that offers sufficient protection against
head injury and does not restrict the rider's vision. USA Cycling makes no warranties or representations
regarding the protective adequacy or fitness for competition of any helmets and a rider, by entering an event
conducted under USA Cycling or any member organization rules, agrees not to sue and to hold harmless
USA Cycling from any and all claims arising from the use of any particular helmet.
Section 3. Additional Requirements Associations may adopt additional, more stringent regulations
regarding bicycle safety helmets, provided that such regulations may in no way supersede the requirements
of this Policy.