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Why, Cadel, WHY?(7 posts)

Why, Cadel, WHY?lnin0
Aug 29, 2002 7:38 PM
I can't believe Cadel Evans inked a 2 year deal with Telekom. That antiquated German training machine has to be the worst fit for a Canadian x-MtBiker.

Just look what it did for Jan - think about it, you can't believe it was all Lance that brought about his downfall...rather an an outdated and unconditional training regimin that was more too blame. Jan seemed to be just fine training his own way before he became a big star...

And look at the outlandish comments the team made about Kevin Livingston on the eve of his retirement....I mean really....these oldschool Germans have no perception of sports or sports medicine in the modern era.
Canadian x-mtbiker?Iwannapodiumgirl
Aug 29, 2002 8:13 PM
Cadel is not Canadian. He is Australian... not that I have any issues with Canadians - in fact, some of my best friends are Canadian.

Thought I'd correct you on that, yet echo your sentiments. Mapei is preferable to DT.
Remember, Mapei is GONE next year....Gregory Taylor
Aug 30, 2002 3:58 AM
...and spots will be tight for even good riders. He did well, I think.
Yep, the Aussie did wellbigdave
Aug 30, 2002 5:28 AM
Telekom may seem loaded with talent... because it is! This will be one seriously strong team.

And, with Ulrich's recent problems, Cadel may only have to support him for a short time. And during that time, he will learn more about competing in the grand tours. Then, with that knowledge, he will be in prime position to be "the man" at Telekom when Jan self-destructs... again.

I think it's a wise move. Julich and Livingston will be nothing more than good soldiers, never Tour leaders. Evans has that leadership potential.

I also agree with another poster that he could become a big force after Lance is done.

Ya thats a pretty big ooops (nm)PODIUMBOUNDdotCA
Aug 30, 2002 5:46 AM
re: Why, Cadel, WHY?SLB
Aug 29, 2002 10:12 PM
I don't think you can blame Ullrich's problems on Telekom's training schedule. It seems to have worked fine for Zabel. Ullrich seems to have his own personal demons to deal with. I think Cadel will do just fine at Telekom. He will probably become their man for the Giro (as long as they don't sign Simoni) and keep Ullrich/Zabel for the Tour.

BTW: Telekom's director sportif Walter Godefroot and team manager Rudy Pevenage are both Belgian.
re: Why, Cadel, WHY?willem72
Aug 29, 2002 10:40 PM
Yes, he's an Aussie. One news service said that he was from Katherine in the NT (archetypal rough-tough outback town) but my understanding is that he's from suburban Melbourne (brush with fame: my sister used to work with his mum!).

Cadel will go just fine at DT - his star is rising. The Germans have some great sports medicine etc (just read the journals) and Cadel, coming from the MTB set, is bound to challenge traditional thinking. Bear in mind Jan has always had his own personal coach (?Peter Becker?). Lots of DT guys come to Australia in Dec-Jan each year for training in the sunshine (same time lots of USPS guys ride in the rain in California or North Carolina)which shows they are prepared to try new approaches.

For one, I think Cadel is a future contender for Lance's throne. He may never be as good, but Lance is only getting older and more tired, and Cadel could be the man to grab an opportunity at the Tour one year. For this reason I'm very glad Cadel didn't go to USPS, and I wonder if Roberto Heras is really happy there.

Good luck to them all.