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When do you ride?(28 posts)

When do you ride?Iwannapodiumgirl
Aug 29, 2002 3:15 PM
Do you:
a) ride before work,
b) ride for work,
c) ride after work,
d) commute to and from work,
e) a combination of either of these, or
f) do not ride at all, and merely frequent this site to feel apart of the international cycling community or to convince yourself you actually participate in active sport/recreation pursuit.

It is Friday morning here in sunny Sydney, Australia. Wish the weekend would roll around already, and really angry that I did not get a ride in this morning before work!

Be safe and seen (read that on some Roads Authority poster and laughed!)
Work from home and ride during lunchtime - nmspc15
Aug 29, 2002 3:24 PM
re: When do you ride?flying
Aug 29, 2002 3:31 PM
a) before work
Weekdays 5:45am I leave home for a quick ride around this crater. It is only 11.5 miles & I have been trying to crack 30 minutes for over 12 years now. I think the closest I got was 31:20
Problem is as the recent years go by Im not getting faster & it is taking closer to 34+ min now ;-)
It is a beautiful ride with lush forests & barren lunar scapes. Climbs about 500' with equal amount of downhill of course ;-)

Week ends I go 4 or 5 hours on Sat or Sun or both.
Wow! Where is that?Pecos
Aug 29, 2002 4:01 PM
Wow! Where is that?Skip
Aug 29, 2002 4:59 PM
Crater rim in Volcano National Park on the Big Island of Hawaii.
nice pic...Iwannapodiumgirl
Aug 29, 2002 4:14 PM
What part of the world is that?
My morning ride takes in part of the 2000 Sydney Olypmic road course. Makes me feel special.
Will try and post a pic if you guys like?
Hawaii Volcano National Park (nm)flying
Aug 29, 2002 4:56 PM
Hawaii Volcano National Park (nm)Skip
Aug 29, 2002 5:18 PM
I didn't realize that you lived on the BI too. I thought you lived on Oahu.
Hawaii Volcano National Park (nm)flying
Aug 29, 2002 9:07 PM
No but I grew up on Oahu ;-)
Lived here since 76
Beautiful. Sweet bike too. :-) nmOffTheBack
Aug 29, 2002 6:55 PM
Now THAT'S a pretty colnago!(nm)merckx56
Aug 30, 2002 7:17 AM
To and from work (usually)look271
Aug 29, 2002 3:39 PM
Plus when the kids are in school I ride 2-3x a week before work as well as a ride on Sat or Sun (if I've been a good boy.....).
re: When do you ride?zooog
Aug 29, 2002 3:48 PM
weekdays...after work. Which really sucks when the sun sets early. Weekends..anytime.
re: When do you ride?Avanti Guy
Aug 29, 2002 3:48 PM
I am in the same boat as you, I needed to ride this morning to hit 500 K for the week but when the alarm went off I just hit the off button, its far too easy to do that sometimes :)...
It was a ok morning in Melbourne too...
Further multiple choice options...Iwannapodiumgirl
Aug 29, 2002 3:49 PM
g) ride on weekends.

Bit distracted at the minute... I actually was thinking about work for a change!
3 AMJuanmoretime
Aug 29, 2002 5:15 PM
Lately I've been using my lighting system that I use for night mountain bike rides to ride my road bike. I really like it, the air smells, good visability, the best part is I can ride around town and only see a couple of cars. I was surprised that my averages are the same riding night or day. I thought it would be slower at night.
re: When do you ride?Scot_Gore
Aug 29, 2002 7:36 PM
I ride before work. Distance depends on time of sunrise. Also ride on weekends, almost always Sunday AM.

Ride TimesTarantula
Aug 29, 2002 9:17 PM
My work begins at 3:00pm. So after the kids are fed and scooted off to school, I have about 6 hours to overtrain.
347 views, 12 replies...Iwannapodiumgirl
Aug 29, 2002 9:22 PM
so, only 12 people that read this board ride?
Calling all regulars to post their ride details... do not make me ask you by name ;o)
before work, after work, weekendsCKS
Aug 29, 2002 9:46 PM
Before work: rise at 4:30am, start with lights, watch sunrise as I ride the 9mi climb up angeles crest. when I motivate, which hasn't been frequent in the last few months.

After work: rose bowl group ride, 30 miles at good tempo, I like to treat it as intervals by pulling at the front, then rotating through the pack.

Weekends: 50-75mi road ride or 30mi mtb rides or both. Often racing- Xterra mtb tris, or the occasional road tri, road race or mtb race.
re: When do you ride?I Love Shimano
Aug 29, 2002 9:38 PM
I ride after work. But since the sun sets at around 5:30-6 pm, I have to do most of my rides on the trainer. Weekends, I get to ride outdoors.

I have 2 riding areas, one near the business district (picture below), and one in a reclamated area right by the sea which is quite windy though.
about time you replied I love Shimano...Iwannapodiumgirl
Aug 29, 2002 10:09 PM
for a moment there I got worried that something may have happened to you... like your Shimano components bighting the big one!
re: When do you ride?philippec
Aug 30, 2002 1:11 AM
I ride before work on weekdays (length of ride depends on the sunrise but typically 6:30-8:30. When light gets short (and it goes fast here!), I train in the office basement w/ a colleague on hometrainers for ~1.5-2 hrs in the morning. Saturdays are a "easy" 2-3 hr ride, Sundays I race or do a 4-5hr ride.

Here is my "base" loop (~55kms) -- most of my weekday rides are centred around this circuit and its 16% hill. Week-ends I ride much further out west.


Philippe "back from vacation blues" Crist
re: "347 views, 12 replies..."Geds
Aug 30, 2002 1:49 AM
Hey Iwanna,

That's because I - like a lot of people I guess - just like to watch...!! :)

When do I ride? Not at all this week due to the flu, but commute most days, just started doing a bunch ride or two during the week, and a biggie on the weekend.
Whenever we want to go anywhere...MB1
Aug 30, 2002 4:50 AM
There isn't a time of day or weather I haven't ridden.

The Mount Vernon Trail at sunrise for instance.
re: When do you ride?tarwheel
Aug 30, 2002 5:14 AM
On weekdays, generally I ride after work as long as there is enough light. When the days start getting short, I use a lighting system and ride after dark and/or go to spin cycle classes at the YMCA. I also go to spin classes when the weather is rainy, snowy, extremely hot or otherwise not good for outdoor cycling. During the winter, I often bring my bike to work and ride during my lunchbreak. Morning is a problem for me because I have to take my daughter to school, which also prevents me from commuting (along with the terrible traffic and lack of bike lanes or trails where I live). On weekends, I ride with my buds all over the place, generally leaving at 8-10 a.m. I usually ride about 5 days a week.
To/from work and at lunchtime. (nm)bikedodger
Aug 30, 2002 8:20 AM
g) None of the above...Tig
Aug 30, 2002 9:23 AM
...since I'm still not working. During the weekdays I ride in the mornings before the heat builds up too much. Sometimes I'll join the Tues/Thur 6 PM after work ride group for severe punishment. I'm enjoying solo rides out on the quiet back roads of League City more.

Weekend club rides start at 7:30 AM, and my warmup starts at 7. I should ride much more with all of this available time, but job searching, the yard, and honey-do's take up plenty of time, and the summer heat is really tough after 10 AM.