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Am I asking to much for this bike? (Ad #25863 in classifids(10 posts)

Am I asking to much for this bike? (Ad #25863 in classifidsORJLH
Aug 29, 2002 11:43 AM
I am selling a bike in the classifides, but am not getting many hits, am I asking to much?

55 mm Giant CFR-TEAM Carbon fiber with aluminum lugs (like Look frame) With Giant Carbon fork
full 9sp Ultegra components
Bar – ITM SuperItalia Pro 260 (black) w/ cork tape
Stem –3T 1' Quill (polished)
Thomson Elite Setback post (black)
Sellia Italia Flite saddle
Rims – Velocity Razor
DT double butted spokes w/aluminum nipples
Vittoria Pro-Team courier 23 mm tires
Look pedals

E-mail for info or photos

It is ad number 25863 in the classifides section.

I really am looking for advise on what a reasonable amount is for it. Obviously I want as much as I can get and a buyer wants to pay as little as possible. Would it be better to put an older dura ace post and a cheaper saddle on it and ask less?
Aug 29, 2002 11:52 AM
I don't know how old that bike is, but since it is a straight, non-sloping top tube and quill stem, I assume it is several years old. You can get a new ultegra bike for close to $1100, even a carbon one. Another person more into the bike market can give you a better approximation of what it is worth. My uneducated guess, tho, is in the $500-600 range.
Yes - AND you're SPAMVERTISING the board... (nm)jose_Tex_mex
Aug 29, 2002 1:23 PM
No - I am seeking advise.ORJLH
Aug 29, 2002 1:35 PM
How would you go about getting this advise?
take it easy joseyeah right
Aug 29, 2002 2:05 PM
he already posted it in the classifieds, he 's paid his dues to question value.

on the bike:
here's the deal the way i see it, nothing wrong with the bike, but it's not an eye catcher either, and no, a cheaper post and saddle won't solve the problem with a lower price.

the price is gonna have to be much lower, you might be able to get $700. you also fail to list mileage, year of purchase, and condition of components in terms of wear. carbon frames do not resale well from what i can tell. the rule of thumb when i look to buy used is
$used = 35-50% $new in good condition.
plenty of people are able to figure out an asking price or ...jose_Tex_mex
Aug 29, 2002 4:46 PM
... how to gracefully request a quote without posting their ad numbers in the topic box.

They're not my rules - I just follow them.

If everyone who had a "special" question decided to post a thread this board would be as chaotic as the classifieds.

Just follow the rules.
re: Am I asking to much for this bike? (Ad #25863 in classifidsjtolleson
Aug 29, 2002 2:56 PM
ditto to the suggestions offered by Yeah Right.

Not given the year or an estimation of miles/wear on drive train is a mistake.

But in any event you are asking at LEAST $400 too much imo. The used bike market is soft, and the older lugged cf bikes are in particular met with some skepticism, IMO. Not saying it is right or wrong... little details like the quill set up and 1" head tube bespeak a mid to late 90s ride.
CF has bad resale valueAlexx
Aug 29, 2002 5:50 PM
So, even if it's worth what you are asking, there ain't no way in h3ll you're gonna get that.
re: Thanks for the imput (nm)ORJLH
Aug 30, 2002 6:08 AM
estimating valuetarwheel
Aug 30, 2002 9:19 AM
A good way to estimate the value of used bikes is to follow the sale of similar models on eBay. Do a search for your brand and/or model, put similar bikes on your "watch list," and see what they end up selling for. Stuff seems to sell for higher prices on eBay than other venues, but it gives you a good starting point. I've seen a lot of nice bikes for sale on eBay lately that didn't sell for the minimum bids or meet the reserve price. It really seems to be a buyer's market, except when I find a frame that interests me -- and then it gets bid out the roof.