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Bike Jackets? For cold weather, rain, or both?(4 posts)

Bike Jackets? For cold weather, rain, or both?UncleMoe
Aug 29, 2002 9:25 AM
Thanks for everyones feedback on my cold feet the other day. I'm going to go with toe covers (like calientoes) for my shoes instead of trying different socks.

Recap - I commute in San Diego. Leave around 6:00 am, return home around 6:00 pm. It gets around 35-40 degrees at night, with the AM colder than PM.

Last year I had triple layer. A short sleeve jersey as base layer, a Hind Drylete long sleeve jersey, and than a long sleeve fleece top. I found it a little bulky, and I got those cool sweats at times. Three layers is a bit much to sweat thru.

I was at Performance last night. They have a windproof/water proof jacket on sale - XALT Cycling Jacket - regularly $150, got it for $80. Here is the link (you may not have to look to give advice). It is just private labeled for performance by Burlington Fabrics if that means anything.

Basically a w/w outershell with a coolmax lining. High neck lined with fleece for neck. A lot of times it is the wind from my blazing 15 mph speed ;-) that makes me cold, not so much the basic elements. Also has underarm zippers for ventilation and a ventilated back area.

With this jacket, I'm thinking maybe I can ust wear a long sleeve jersey and this jacket to stay warm, but it is also advertised as a windproof/waterproof jacket for wet weather. No mention of colder weather.

For those of you who ride in similar conditions to San Diego (dry but sometimes near freexing nights/mornings), what do you wear? Am I better off using this jacket, or returning it and getting a similar priced long sleeve jersey made for cold weather riding?

I don't want to try this thing out in November only to find it doesn't do jack against the cold.
I've got the same oneSnowBlind
Aug 29, 2002 10:13 AM
Here in Sacramento.
On cold mornings it is VERY warm inside this jacket.
Wearing a base layer, a jersey and this jacket I am very warm even down to freezing temps.
The best thing about it is the vents under the arm and the back to help to regulate temps. By the end of the morning commute, they are all open and it's usually half unzipped in the front. Too bulky to stuff in a jersey pocket for the ride back, but oh well.

With the collar up and fully zipped, it is waterproof for Calif. conditions.
Would'nt be too sure in a midwest downpour!
Keep it, it is a very good piece of equiptment.
Aug 29, 2002 10:16 AM
Excellent information to know. I have a ski jacket that seems of similar make and design that keeps me toasty yet not sweaty while snowboarding, but too bulky for biking. I had a feeling it was a good deal, but wanted to be sure.
No winters in Sacramento or San Diego; wear T-shirts.retro
Aug 29, 2002 11:12 AM
Sorry--I'm just thinking of the days when I thought 55 degrees was cold. Now I spend the time from October to April wishing it would warm up to 40....