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Anyone broken a Femur?(8 posts)

Anyone broken a Femur?BDB
Aug 28, 2002 8:25 PM
I broke mine almost 6 weeks ago from not getting my foot out of the pedal in time.

Just wanted to hear from others on recovery time healing etc..

re: Anyone broken a Femur?Skip
Aug 28, 2002 8:57 PM
Too many factors unaddressd (& many un-answerable). Age, general health, nutrition, how good of shape were you in at the time of injury, do you have any other health issues, speed of injury (did it occur at 5 MPH, or 35 MPH), time from injury untill repair, length of time of surgery, skill of surgeon, any complicating factors (infection at injury, surgery, or post op, etc.), was a bone graft used (doubt it from the rads posted), stability of the repair, was it an open fracture, how well have/are you following Dr.'s orders, genetically are you a slow or fast healer, etc., etc. In other words, there is no set time that "a fracture" will take to heal. Even the same fracture, repaired under comparable circumstances, by the same physician will heal differently. Follow the Dr.'s orders, and best of luck. BTW, do you have lateral's of the repair, and pre-op films?
re: Anyone broken a Femur?BDB
Aug 29, 2002 6:21 AM
Alright more questions than I can shake a stick at.
I will try and answer
I am 30. In good shape, well high fitness levels, there's body fat there or there was... dropped from 180 - 163
no other health injuries.

Speed was somcthing around 25-30 at impact. Rear wheel locked up on a steep downhill, hit the guardrail, and was thrown over. only thing broke on the bike was left ERgo lever. and one scratch on the left fork...

injury sustained at about 6:15pm. repair happened at 11pm inrecovery at 2pm.

no infection. no bone graft. If open fracture means was teh skin punctured then no, there was no puncture wound.

I think the surgeons were pretty good I am following the doc to the letter, and as to healing well I have never had more than raspberries before and they heal normally.

That's all I have of the x-rays..

thanks for the input..

right now I am putting 25lbs of toe bearing weight on the foot and from tomorrow I need to go to 50lbs, and then back to the doc for more pictures and progress in 2 weeks.
re: Anyone broken a Femur?Skip
Aug 28, 2002 9:13 PM
FWIW, interlocking nails have the ability to provide both rotational and compression (buttress) stability, and the bending stresses are more evenly distributed over the length of the IN than in the bone plate, loss of the medial cortex is not as critical. Autogenous cancellous bone grafting is still a useful procedure to ensure early callus formation.
re: Anyone broken a Femur?TimePedal
Aug 28, 2002 9:34 PM
I broke my femur mountain biking. Multiple fractures (6 breaks), 3 surgeries...took me over 2 years to fully recover. From what my doctor said,a single break usually takes 4 months before getting off the crutches and doing full weight bearing activities. Of course, every break is different. The only benefit was my leg lost alot of its fat so my left leg looks pretty cut compared to my right!
re: Anyone broken a Femur?tigermilk
Aug 29, 2002 3:54 AM
First off, that's some impressive hardware in there. I broke my hip (femur just below the femoral head) back in February and fortunately don't have as evil-looking hardware. Just a rod in the head, a plate down the side, and pins in there.

For recovery, my first visit to the doctor after the surgery was at the 2 week mark. I asked if I could get on an exercise bike and he said no problem as long as I didn't push it. I wanted to get on mainly to regain flexibility and minimize any more muscle mass loss. Looking back at my training logs, here's what I have:

Feb 17 - broke my hip
Mar 4 - 4 miles in 25 minutes on the exercise bike
Mar 5-11 - I added one mile a day each day
Mar 17-24 - added a mile each day and maxxed out at 20.
Mar 25 - 20 miles in 64:50, so my range of motion was back and I could "cycle" pain free and at 80% or more of capability
Mar 31 - brought home a Computrainer so I could get back on the real bike, did 22 miles that day
Apr 24 - first ride outdoors on a hybrid - didn't want to be clipped in since I still couldn't walk without at least one crutch
Apr 28 - said what the heck and took the road bike out twice that day - 30.12 mile ride and later a 20.1 miler
Mid May - went from a crutch to a cane
Mid to late May - had to go to Japan for work, pain in the butt walking around
Week after getting back - 61 miler outdoors

My fracture took about 10-12 weeks to the point my doc was satisfied. All the while he said cycling was no problem. I've ridden close to 3700 miles since the break, and the Computrainer saved my sanity. As an added bonus, I'm now a stronger rider than I was before the accident.
Very close to my physician friend's experience...retro
Aug 29, 2002 7:26 AM
A guy I ride with, a physician, fell and broke the neck of his femur on Feb. 13. He was very discouraged in the first couple of months--he's a lifelong athlete, but never had a serious injury and didn't quite accept that it would take months to heal. He was pretty down in April and May, when the rest of us were picking up the pace, but got back on the trainer first and then on the bike for short rides in late June or early July. As of the end of August, he's ripping 60-mile rides with big climbs, as much faster than I am as he ever was, and planning his first century in a couple of weeks. He still has some soreness after long rides, but he's been cleared to do anything he feels he can do.
One thing he emphasizes is to FOLLOW YOUR DOCTOR'S ORDERS. As a doc himself, he occasionally second-guessed his orthopedic surgeon, and he thinks that may have set him back.
following doctors ordersBDB
Aug 29, 2002 8:59 AM
The one thing I do not want is to have to go through this again, so out of fear of doing damage whatever the doc says is golden.

I am at 6 weeks, and feel pretty good, as I can move well with the crutches, and I feel like the time has gone by faster than I thought it would 6 weeks ago.

Although it will be a while before I ride a real bike yet, I am hopeful when I visit in 2 weeks the doc says I can ride stationary, right now I would be afraid of needing to put my right foot out for balance...

Thanks for all the responses guys. I have been a lurker here for a long time..