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Tires 700-20 or 700-23(7 posts)

Tires 700-20 or 700-23wrgbay
Aug 28, 2002 6:03 PM
Which tires should I choose, I would think the 700-20 would have less rolling resistance but less traction.
700-20 faster and 700-23 more control let me know?????
According to more than several studies.........gogene
Aug 28, 2002 7:58 PM
.....larger tires of the same type have less rolling resistance. A plus for larger tires is the comfort factor, longer tread life, and greater puncture resistance than their smaller siblings. I personally use 700x25 size. I think the only advantage the 700x20 has for the common rider is a very slight weight and aero advantage. However you have to pump the smaller tires up so hard, the ride can be very harsh.
According to more than several studies.........Iwannapodiumgirl
Aug 28, 2002 10:47 PM
Hmmm... larger diameter with lower rolling resistance, how does that work? I am not doubting your comment, just trying to understand "why is it so"?
The argument goesEager Beagle
Aug 29, 2002 1:03 AM
that most of the rolling resistance is generated by distortion of the shape of the contact patch on the road. Thinner tyres distort more than fatter ones, hence more resistance.

I'm not a scientist, but I have noticed as I have converted from the 20/23 to 25 brigades, that there certainly seems to be no greater risistance, providing you keep your pressures sorted, and the latter are certainly more comfortable, and to me, are better through corners.
The tire manufacturer is more significant than size.teamsloppy
Aug 28, 2002 11:04 PM
I rode 20c tires for 10 years exclusively (Specialized Turbo, Turbo C, Team Turbo, etc.). I switched to 23c Specialized Turbo Team when all the magazines claimed an advantage. It was impossible to tell a difference in handling, rolling resistance or performance between 20c and 23c with the Specialized Team Turbos. There was probably none.

I switched to Vredestien Tri comps that are only 23c last May. I switched because of the decline in quality of the Specialized tires: frequent side wall blow outs and flats.

The Vredestien definitely stick better when cornering and feel softer (less shock to the butt) and have fewer flats. I was surprised at the dramatically improved handling differences and ride feel: I bought them for flat resistance (for a similar weight and handling). The improved performance seems that it wasn't size, it was the manufacturer.

I usually ran the 20c Turbos Team at 130 psi rear, 110 front. I run the 23 c Vredestien at 145 rear, 130 front.

The tire (i.e. manufacturer) seems to make more difference than the size. Too bad you can't rent tires like you can rent performance skis / ski boots and try them out before you buy
BesidesMel Erickson
Aug 29, 2002 6:39 AM
rolling resistance is the least of the "resistanaces" you need to fret about. Buy what size you want, the difference in rolling resistance will not be discernable or make you ride slower or faster. Comfort is a different story. 20's will ride harsher than 23's - and get more flats! Traction? On dry pavement and not racing it's never been an issue for me and I don't ride in the rain or race anymore. If you do both of these (ride in the rain and/or race)the brand and model of tire will have more influence on traction than the size.
I switched from 20 - 23 and never regretted...jose_Tex_mex
Aug 29, 2002 10:57 AM
I would go with the 23's you will not notice any difference in rr or traction nor do I think that in reality there is any. I did notice a more comfortable ride which in my mind was worth it.