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How quickly crashes happen...(13 posts)

How quickly crashes happen...UncleMoe
Aug 28, 2002 8:56 AM
I guess I had it coming, and considering what did happen, if this is the worst it gets I'll be happy. I avoid posting on crash threads because I don't want to tempt the bike gods, but now that I've had my first road crash in about 10 years, I guess I can do so.

Nothing spectacular. I'm commuting home last night. One section of my ride takes my thru a good 1/2 mile section of construction. Traffic has to squeeze thru, so I cut thru a bank parking lot to cut around a small secion of it.

I was cruising at maybe 10 mph, a little faster than I normally go thru here, I'm usually crawling cause its tight. The lip to the parking lot isn't smooth, maybe 2 inches high. For whatever reason, I wasn't thinking too much about it. I usually go slower and hop the front wheel over the lip.

Yesterday I tried to roll it at a very shallow angle, and at a somewhat decent speed for the area. Damn, the front wheel just slid out from underneath me, followed by my rear wheel hitting the same lip. I believe I hit the sidewalk before my bike did.

My shoulder hit first, followed by my hip and then my right knee. I held up pretty well. I've got 4 rasberries on my right side, and my left foot musta hit my bike frame of pedals or soemthing, because my left foot has a lump on it like it whapped something good. General soreness on my entire right side.

The bike will need new bar tape soon, but that was the extent of her injuries. I know that's what most of you were wondering. One car stopped to see if I was OK, which I thought was nice.

Funny how it all just happened so fast in the blink of an eye. Ride careful and have fun everyone. Crossing my fingers to go another 10 years.
Thats why I stay off motorcycles now...hycobob
Aug 28, 2002 9:09 AM
No sense tempting fate. I've had a few really nasty crashes at high speed and walked away from them all with only road rash. Unlike a few friends who've died for their speed-lust.
slid on animal fatpukka
Aug 28, 2002 9:20 AM
monday morning i'm riding through chinatown in new york and my wheel slid out in front of me ,a local resturant puts its garbage on the side walk and the fat is hosed onto the road,thankfully no cuts but it didn't smell to good
Hit a dog last night...JL
Aug 28, 2002 10:02 AM
when it ran into the middle of our group ride. Luckily we had slowed a bit trying to regroup. Skinned my elbow and shoulder a bit, but the bike was fine except for a scratched rear derailleur. It was time to change the bar tape anyway. That was the first accident in a long time and the first on that bike.

I still completed the ride, but was a little shaken after that. That dog just came out of a driveway before I had time too move away. Luckily I didn't take anyone else down with me. I'm sore today and mad that it happened at all. I'd have called the police, but it doubt it would do any good.

Like you I'm crossing my fingers for a long time coming.

Happy riding.

How was the dog?rtyszko
Aug 28, 2002 10:47 AM
If you call Animal Control they'll send an officer around to remind the owner to try to keep th dog leashed or on a tie-out. That's safest for the dog and all the rest of us. I'd call the AC of your town. There's a chance that the owner wasn't aware of the potential problem.

The dog was fine.JL
Aug 28, 2002 11:33 AM
I thought about that too, but I'm not optimistic about any of my local enforcement agencies. I have 10 witnesses, but I bet it wouldn't get past my phone call. That's just the state of some of the townships by me.

I charged a guy with harassment last year (almost a full year ago). Never heard another thing about it. The cop wasn't too optimistic about that township's court system either. I'm guessing it gone thrown out because I didn't have any witnesses to that incident.

Long story, short. I'll just chalk it up to bad luck for now.

Happy riding.

How was the dog?flexo
Aug 28, 2002 11:36 AM
A dog off his leash jumped in front of me 7 weeks ago causing my body to preform a 'superman' over the bars. I was just beginning a fast descent and was traveling approximately 25 MPH. I woke up in the CAT scan machine in the hospital about 1 hour later with a major concussion, shattered right elbow, broken scapula (shoulder blade), and a whole mess of road rash. My bike frame was broken in three places (carbon fiber) and the fork was amazingly bent at the steer tube rather than broken at the bonds or the carbon legs. The helmet I was wearing (always do) saved my life, as the doctors kept reminding me.

The insult to injury: the hospital lost the contact information for the dog owner!

I have approximately 60% of the use of my right arm back at this time and I'm back on the bike daily for around 25 easy miles. The bills are comming in and with the cost of the surgery to put my elbow back together, doctor visits, MRI's, CAT scans, x-rays, time off work , and a destroyed bike, the damages are up near $35,000. There's a 50/50 chance that my elbow will develop arthritis and I may never gain full range of motion back.

Upon retunring to work most of the female employees that I work with ask me: "How is the dog?"

To say the least I grit my teeth and relpy: "I don't know, I was unconcience when the ambulance hauled me away"

Moral of this story; wear your helmet, leash your pet, and think before you ask someone who has been through a tramatic experience an idiotic question.
Aug 28, 2002 11:49 AM
though I would like to point out that the animal, too, is an innocent victim. Only the Dog owner deserves criticism/action.
heres is a thought that everyone may have missedK-Man
Aug 28, 2002 11:14 AM
From an insurance claims standpoint (each state could vary), but the owner of the dog is responsible for any actions of their dog. If that dog causes you to crash your bike damaging your bike and or yourself, file a claim under their HomeOwners policy. Same thing if you hit a dog with your car, the dogs owners are responsible to pay for your vehicles damages. If they wont give you their insurance information, file a Police report and ask the officer to obtain that information for you.

depends on the homeowners loyalty to the dog...Steve_0
Aug 28, 2002 12:02 PM
"thats not my dog".
Bummer for the dog - how was he/she?UncleMoe
Aug 28, 2002 11:25 AM
Ya, its not the dogs fault. They aren't the smartest. Its the stupid owners that leave dogs off leashes and think nothing of it when they chase bikers, runners, walkers. I feel bad for the dogs sometimes.

Anyway, glad you were OK. How was the dog?
I had the same type of accidentGiles
Aug 28, 2002 12:27 PM
Probably going about 20-25. Consider yourself lucky. I sustained the following:

1. Minor concussion
2. Broken hand (boxer's fracture + others)

The hand has never fully recovered.

Bike - no damage.
I had a "date" with a woman I met on vacation who racesbill
Aug 28, 2002 1:58 PM
Pro/1/2. She has won actual stage races, she has a National Masters Championship, etc., etc. (I didn't want to appear too geeky, so I never asked the details, but I did a google search, and she's for real). I had been riding with some guys who stopped me and asked if I wanted to ride with them, we ran into her, she asked to ride with us, and soon enough I was arranging to go riding with her later in the week.
Okay, it ain't exactly running into Team Telekom, but I was excited.
So I'm tooling around the little parking lot in front of her condo waiting for her, and I've sort of been fooling around with trying to do a track stand and . . .
Wham. I go down. Blood streaming from my leg, stem twisted around, new friggin aliante saddle all scuffed up, and I am in complete disbelief as to what an idiot I truly am.
We had a nice little 35 miler. Although she had to have seen the fresh blood on my leg, she never mentioned it.
When I got back to our little rental cottage, my four-year-old comes running to the door, "Daddy, how was your date? Where did you go?"
"Nowhere, honey. And it wasn't a date."
"You can't go nowhere on a date! What happened to your leg??"
"Nothing, baby, nothing at all."