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Bike I.D(10 posts)

Bike I.DJay W
Aug 28, 2002 7:54 AM
Hi below is a post I made at because I was having trouble registering here. Well now I am registerd so here gose. Also I am new to the world of road bikes so dont lagh
P.S. Anyone in the amador county area?

I hope noone minds but I am having trouble registering with I have a bike i think its an older bike but I was wondering if anyone can tell me about it. If it is good? or anything els. I am not sure of the frame as I painted it when I rebuilt the bike last year. Below is a list of stuf on the bike.
Pedels= ESQUARTZ 102
Crank= Super Custom "it says"
Rear Derailer= Suntour BL
Front Derailer= Suntour VX
Rims= ARAYA 27x1 1/4
Brakes= NGC 400
Frame Chain gourd "i think that is what it is= Specialized
Shifters Suntour Symetric
Hubs= Sunshine Quike Reliese
Brake Levers= Dia Compe.
I hope this is enough info. I realy would like to find out if this bike is good or a "P.O.S" Like my Walmart MTB. Thanks in advance for everything Below is also a picture of the bike mentiond above.
re: Bike I.DDave Hickey
Aug 28, 2002 8:06 AM
Welcome to RBR. It's not a bad bike. Judging from the picture it's a late 70's early 80's mid-priced bike. Do you remember anything about the frame before you repainted it? Unfortunately, the frame is the heart and soul of the bike so it's hard to determine it's worth without knowing anything about the frame.
re: Bike I.DJay W
Aug 28, 2002 10:14 AM
I believe it said "UNIVEGA" on the lower tube but other than that I have no idea about the frame
re: Bike I.DTerrapin
Aug 28, 2002 10:49 AM
Looks like my old Shogun tourer. I miss that bike.

Looking at it reminds me that they used to wire the break wire on top of the tube, does any bike manufacturer still do that?
re: Bike I.DJay W
Aug 28, 2002 11:20 AM
Were do they mount them now?
You are gold!triple shot espresso
Aug 28, 2002 12:23 PM
Everything is relative.

What you have appears to be a $250 Univega that, judging from the seat height, doesn't fit you very well. This is significantly better than the Walmart bike but it is still considered a department store bike. This bike is fine for riding on the sidewalks and through the park.

I am curious about what kind of car you're sporting there, it sure looks like an Aries K.
Put it to you this way,Lazywriter
Aug 28, 2002 7:28 PM
at least the bike is worth more than the car.
You are gold!Jay W
Aug 28, 2002 10:57 PM
Car is a 1981 toyota carola wagon It was my first car ever and to this day i still drive it back and forth to work
Welcome to the POS club!!empacher6seat
Aug 28, 2002 9:38 PM
I am also a proud owner of a POS road bike. While it's not too flattering to be seen with, there's no better feeling then passing some chump who's riding a trek 5900.

Personally I feel it's better to get started out on a POS bike. It really gives you a respect for the nicer bikes and you learn that you can still do a lot with an older bike. Plus, when you eventually upgrade, you can still keep your first bike for a rain/commuter ride.

When I bought my first bike I was thinking "Ok this will just hold me down for the year then I'll buy something nice" but now I realize my bike is still capable or doing anything my body can dish out, and until I become "faster then the bike" so to speak, there's no point in upgrading. My current ride is around 12 years old, 38 lbs all together, 7 speed 11-21 casset... the list goes on. I don't plan on getting rid of it for quite a few years, or until something really expensive breaks (which will probably happen soon :P )
Welcome to the POS club!!Jay W
Aug 28, 2002 11:00 PM
I sorta wanted to start racing"Knowing myself or my bike are not physicaly able to win LOL:)" I just want to do it for the fun of doing it. Curently I an venturing into racing cars on the 1/4 mile but bikes look like they would be so mutch fun. Should I have any problems if I wanted to race this bike? Would it even be alowd in a race?