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Any good deals on Briko Twinner Helmet????(2 posts)

Any good deals on Briko Twinner Helmet????kushogun
Aug 28, 2002 6:40 AM
I didn't see anything on Briko products in the hot deal section, so I thought i'd ask here. I am looking for the briko Twinner helmet and perhaps Lucifer glasses. Like the rest of us a good deal is always nice. Of course across the pond is most likely the cheapest, but shops like,, do not have what i'm looking for. Any clues where else to look over there? Keep the rubber side down!
re: Any good deals on Briko Twinner Helmet????pinarello
Aug 28, 2002 10:58 AM
I know you didn't ask but I thought you might want to know. This is the hottest helmet I have ever worn. I also have a buzz and still get hot. Unless you are Super Mario and can go the speed he does I would lean towards something that will allow air in while at a stop. You must be moving for this thing to work. It does look great but it does not work. Catapult