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Anyone riden the Around the Bay in a Day?(5 posts)

Anyone riden the Around the Bay in a Day?Geds
Aug 27, 2002 4:36 PM
Any Melbournians/Aussies done the Around the Bay in a Day?

A mate and I are planning on taking part.

What's it like? Well organised? Good roads? Does it matter which direction you go?

As background for the non Aussies here - it's a 210km/130mile ride from Melbourne around Port Phillip Bay, with a ferry ride in the middle.
re: Anyone riden the Around the Bay in a Day?ol
Aug 27, 2002 6:33 PM
I am doing it this year. I have never taken part in the event before, but I have ridden over parts of the course as part my training rides for racing. As far as I know the event is very well organised, the road is very good all the way around and it's mostly flat. This year there are a record 6000 riders of all ages and ability so you have the option of taking it easy or racing it with the fast riders.
All the best hope you enjoy the day.
Never ridden it, but...Iwannapodiumgirl
Aug 27, 2002 10:09 PM
have heard that if you ride from Sorrento you get the hills in first, and can cruise into Melbourne.

Coming from Sydney, it is not as if I am scared of a Melbourne hill, but some people refuse to climb! Something to think about.

Where are you from?

Enjoy the day, wish I was riding it. Unable too - grumble, grumble, curse Big 4 accounting firm, hiss, spit, curse!
re: Anyone riden the Around the Bay in a Day?willem72
Aug 28, 2002 3:34 PM
I did it when I was good, in 1996. I just gotten slower and lazier since then, but that's nothing to do with RTB.

The event was well organised - the volunteers were cheerful, the free lunch was okay, the signage and directions were good. It's a hard ride and there develops a spirit of camraderie in the bunches, especially if it's windy.

The preferred route for most is thru Geelong first, then cruise home via Frankston. This is because the northerlies can be up at that time of year and it's better to ride north on the Frankston side than the Geelong side because there's much less traffic on Beach Road and the road is less exposed. If you are only entering now you won't get a spot going to Geelong first.

Make sure you downstairs on the ferry crossing because it can get very cold on deck.

Coming back into to town, after you've left the ferry at Queenscliffe it's easy to find a bunch moving at just your speed - the problem is eventually you have to stop to piss and you lose touch. The bunch behind is always too slow, so you ride at the front. The bunches behind them will be the very strong riders from the ferry following yours and will be moving too fast - best bet is not to drink anything all day....

The ride itself is worth doing at least once - many think the roads are a bit boring, particularly on the Geelong side, but it's always amazing to be part of an event which attracts over 4,500 people who are prepared to ride 210kms in a day.


ps - my brother is doing it this year - let me know here if you want to link up with his bunch
re: Anyone riden the Around the Bay in a Day?Geds at home
Aug 28, 2002 7:04 PM
Thanks guys, particularly Willem.

I thought there must have been tricks as to which is the best direction due to wind. We have to go clockwise as we only posted entries in the other day, but no drama.

Iwanna - I'm in Canberra, so no stranger to hills. We're actually also planning on doing the Fitzs Hill challenge which is on the following weekend, it's 150km return out of Canberra. I've not done that before either, but know the route well enough, and it's hilly!! It's through the Brindabella foothills, with a big climb - Fitzs - before the halfway point. I suspect it will be tougher than around the bay.

And then there's the Sydney-Gong ride the following weekend.

That's if I can throw of this bloody flu I've been struck down with before then. Grrr...