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Attn: "Pinarello"(6 posts)

Attn: "Pinarello"Avanti Guy
Aug 27, 2002 3:49 AM
I did a search of the archives and found that you recently got a De Rosa King, would you be able to give me some info on what you think of this bike and also you mentioned a Euro source where you got it from.
Feel free to mail me at

re: Attn: "Pinarello"pinarello
Aug 27, 2002 5:52 AM
Sorry very busy will try to write later today. I will get the address for you tomorrow as I don't have it with me now. Catapult
re: Attn: "Pinarello"flying
Aug 27, 2002 7:18 AM
On sale here for 2330
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Or 2199 here
re: Attn: "Pinarello"pinarello
Aug 27, 2002 11:22 AM
Chris I will mail you all the info tonight. I went out last week on what was to be the first ride with the King. At least in a pack and ridding hard. What I consider a better test. I have been ridding steel for 30 yrs. Raleigh, Colnago, Masi, and the wifes Pinarello. I can't really do a comparison to others for I have not had the want or desire to ride anything but the new King. Not wanting to start a war but I have a liking for a Great Bike Frame and something unique. This bike is it. I had to kind of find ruts, bumps etc. in the road just to convince me I was really ridding over bumps. If steel was great carbon is better or butter. I have been so behind the times ridding on a 12 yr old Masi 3V that I have not missed it. Skittish at first and for some reason the right foot felt twisted getting into the Look 395s. I know I didn't do anything with my cleats but it was an odd feeling that went away. My wife who got a Merak sort of had a similar problem. We raised her seat and all was well. I say skittish because of it's light feel. No odd dynamics going down a hill at 45mph. I was a masher before and now it's worst. With the lighter bike I have dropped two more gears. I was used to 21lbs plus bikes. The wife has the same problem. I put her bike together first and we went out ridding in the pack. I was laughing so hard at the gear she was climbing in with the Merak. She said it was so effort less. She was ridding a Pinarello Veulta. If components make the differance then here is how our bikes are equipped. They both have Campy Record. I went with the reason of the past. I have S Record on the 21 yr old Colnago. The quality, reliability have been at or above Mercedes. I have not even touched the 36 hole high flange hubs. These still spin better then new. Deraileurs have not had any reason for repair and still shift great. This bike has had hardly no rest. First me, then the kid, the wife and after getting toasted last year on the Masi, now back to me. Shimano is good but I don't see many people hunting down the stuff to put together their old bikes. Any way the King will not let you down. Mine has the Mich. Pro Race tires. This is the first time I really went and spent the money on tires. Plus my King is the Italian Blue color with a light blue stripe in it. These tires bring the stripe out. If anything the Bike looks stealthy. Not like a C40 and that bike was a consideration. If there was a negative about this bike it would be the waiting period. 7 months for me. Sorry got to cut it now. I will e-mail you the company non of the ones that were listed above. Catapult
Wow great review ! Thanks (nm)flying
Aug 27, 2002 11:29 AM
re: Attn: "Pinarello"Avanti Guy
Aug 27, 2002 4:50 PM

Thanks for the review and info, I look forward to your e-mail, feel free to include a pic of the bike :)...