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Trek TT vs. Cervelo P3(4 posts)

Trek TT vs. Cervelo P3Mauceri
Aug 26, 2002 11:21 PM
With the price of the Trek TT down to $3999 for a complete bike, it is now affordable to me (somewhat).

I was looking at the P3. But I am now undecided between these two.

What do you think?
still $1000 moreDougSloan
Aug 27, 2002 6:24 AM
Comparably equiped, the Trek appears to be about $1000 more; since this type of bike is about pure speed, what does the Trek offer for the extra money? You could get a P3 and a Zipp disc/404 front with the difference. A P3 with Dura Ace is around $3,000; the Trek with Ultegra is $4,000. I built my P3 with Dura Ace, Zipp disc/404, Profile Carbon X, for about $4,500.

It's a cool bike ("Lance's bike"), but if speed is the issue, I'd stick with the P3, as I've seen nothing, and there appears to be nothing, to indicate the Trek would be faster.

one thing to considerjefajones
Aug 27, 2002 8:06 AM
I'll agree that the P2 is better value that the alum trek bikes, and the P3 is a better value than the USPS time trial bike. Plus cervelo offers 700c wheels as opposed to the trek alum TT frame (not sure about wheel size for the OCLV TT frame).

The only thing that would possibly "warrant" a consideration is warranty as cervelo is offering a 5 year warranty. Granted, not all of us even keep a bike 5 years or defects would probably show up before then, but to some people the trek lifetime warranty and knowledge that Trek will always be there may outweight, or at least, somewhat justify the cost/benefit analysis.

Plus, eveybody knows that Trek is 2-3 seconds faster then cervelo, remember the prolouge ;)
re: Trek TT vs. Cervelo P3str8dum1
Aug 27, 2002 6:51 AM
2 very different bikes. The trek has road geometry and is made to fit a person the size of lance, around 5'10 - 6'. if u are that size then the trek will fit you perfect. if u r larger, the other trek sizes just have a larger seat mast, but the same top tube, so they may not fit well.

the p3 is a fast bike, but you may get one with a crappy seatpost and will have to wait to get a replacement (4 of my teammates had to replace their posts b/c the bolt wouldnt hold the head). if i could afford it, i would get the P3 though. i like the steep seat tube for TT'ng.

Also, if you dont ride a sub 55 40K (and even thats kinda slow) expect to be ridiculed for riding either of those bikes!!!!