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with all the recent talk of pro/con on mirrors, look at this(9 posts)

with all the recent talk of pro/con on mirrors, look at thisIAmtnbikr
Aug 25, 2002 10:11 AM
stumbled upon this website link, kind of a neat concept I think......
I'd try before buying...filtersweep
Aug 25, 2002 11:43 AM
I'd prefer a heads up display projected into my sunglasses with a micro camera (using nanotechnology, of course) imbedded in my seatpost... wireless of course, and weighing less than 15g.
Thx, that's pretty darn cool. nmfbg111
Aug 25, 2002 1:52 PM
Aug 25, 2002 1:57 PM
What, exactly, are the cons of wearing a rear view mirror?Uncle Tim
Aug 25, 2002 3:41 PM
Getting a rear view mirror is one of the smartest things I've ever done. Whether you're alone or in a paceline, you need to know what's going on behind you.
agreed, I just got a Blackburn, it is quite nice....IAmtnbikr
Aug 25, 2002 4:08 PM
to be able to see traffic on the road behind me. Although I may be a weight-weenie of sorts, I would rather see what is there for a few extra grams of weight...
what if you crash and it jams into the side of your head? (nm)ColnagoFE
Aug 26, 2002 6:17 AM parents always told me I had a thick skull, so...IAmtnbikr
Aug 26, 2002 8:44 AM
I am sure I would be safe! I really think there would be more troubles than a velcro-mounted mirror to the side of the noggin if I crash. Hell, maybe I could sue Blackburn, there was no disclaimer.........
One thing I wonder about..DINOSAUR
Aug 26, 2002 8:04 AM
With all the perspiration that goes on under the helmet, I wonder if the mirror will fog or steam up? Even wearing a headsweat on very hot days I manage to sweat a lot. Has this been tested on the American market?