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Does anyone use a GPS........?(5 posts)

Does anyone use a GPS........?davet
Aug 24, 2002 8:54 PM
Have any of you used a GPS to record your ride? I am particularly interested in alitude (of the moment) and altitude gain over the ride or tour. Any recommendations/likes/dislikes/suggestions, etc.?
For MTB - yes, road - noJekyll
Aug 24, 2002 9:15 PM
I use a GPS on MTB rides as I have a nasty tendency to go off exploring when I notice an enticing bit of single track shooting off. I think the GPS has saved me from a night in the woods on a few occasions. There is no real reason to get one for the road if altitude is your primary concern. You can get a Cateye cyclocomputer with an altimeter for around $60-70. It will not provide as accurate of data as a GPS but should be more than enough to satisfy your curiosity - most of the inaccuracy will be in static altitude variation - the amount of altitude change for the duration of the ride will be very close. You will notice with a barometric altimeter such as Cateye or Cyclosport (which I use 414-M - great geek buy - even lets you download to PC ride profile, power (in watts), altitude, speed, etc) that your house moves up and down in altitude with major changes in the weather. This really does not matter anyway as it typically will see your house at the same altitude as you started from when you get back to it some hours later thus giving you an accurate reading for the important part - the amount of altitude gained through out your ride.
re: Does anyone use a GPS........?Snowbird
Aug 25, 2002 4:55 AM
I have used a GPS on vacation when using a rental road bike not equipped with a cyclocomputer. GPS is good for distance, average speed, max speed and finding your way home. The altitude function of GPS is the least accurate function. Probably better off with a barometric cyclocomputer for altitude.
re: Does anyone use a GPS........?Breakfast
Aug 25, 2002 5:51 AM
I have a basic E-Trex model and only use it on rides in unfamiliar areas where I will download waypoints to help in navigation.

The problem with a GPS on a bike is that it requires attention to veiw or operate and you must stop to do this.
If you attempt to view it mounted on the handlebars you are risking a crash. It's not like a cyclocomputer, it's much more distracting. I carry it in a Camelbak ComPocket.
re: Does anyone use a GPS........?jwarrenod
Aug 26, 2002 4:35 AM
I've got the Etrex legend. Great mapping ability and very small. I carry it in one of my jersey pockets for longer rides over unkown territory to avoid making a 45 mile ride a 65 mile ride. I've got the handle bar mount on my Mtn bike but ride mostly on the road lately.

The Legend lets you upload maps to the unit and it will tell you how far and what direction (via a vector and a map) to your next turn.