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low end road bike(4 posts)

low end road bikemkfurlong
Aug 24, 2002 5:33 PM
I am a hybrid owner now, and have taken a few 60 - 70 mile tours. In the kentucky area most tours are heavy on hills and I have suffered with the weight of my Trek 720. I have been told to get a road bike. What would be a good low end road bike? Would a Trek 1000 be a mistake? I enjoy riding but I would not consider myself to be a "serious" rider.

Now now, don't be too humble! ;-)Leisure
Aug 24, 2002 9:29 PM
You're not a "serious" rider but you do 60-70 mile tours? Well okay, maybe you're not "serious serious" but you're not a completely hohum rider either. What are you hoping to spend under? If you're looking really value-conscious get something with at least Tiagra/Veloce. It'll work fine. Most people here would advise spending a little extra early to avoid repairs/newparts/hassles in the long run by buying Ultegra/Centaur components outright, and I'd say I agree because that's what I did. You can still find deals on bikes equipped as such for not too much over a grand, especially if you know your sizing and can buy used. If you're truly un-picky the vast majority of the frames out there are just fine, just get yourself sized and fitted reasonably well. My feeling is find a steel frame for those long tours. Lemonds tend to have some good value-oriented models, and if you're buying a wee bit pricier I like Gunnar. But those are just the two examples I'm most familiar with and there are plenty of good options.
re: low end road bikeSpirito
Aug 25, 2002 6:46 AM
there are a few TN listers here - so i would post and ask for a heads up from one of them

a) to ask if they can recommend and good local bike stores

b) if they have any bikes they might be willing to sell as most enthusiasts have on one or two and its better to buy having seen it and cheaper than ebay on most occasions as well.

my preference is for buying used but if you lack a little experience with used bikes/parts and knowing what to avoid im sure you can buy a good new road bike to suit then im sure a good new bike can be found within your budget. get one that fits, is a balanced package and if you need post your option shere and listen to what others may have to say.

you dont need the latest, lightest race bike or the price
as most bikes are equipped with good working parts that may be slightly heavier but still a more specific improvement for the purpose than an MTB. at bare minimum a set of lighter wheels for the mtb with road specific tires (which would be lighter) would be an improvement over how you are riding it now.

Search this forum, lots of info. nmfbg111
Aug 26, 2002 3:16 AM