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need advice on shoes, please.(7 posts)

need advice on shoes, please.up_hiller
Aug 24, 2002 11:55 AM
I am shopping for my first pair of road shoes. I have long, narrow feet, and most shoes in the proper length are cavernous; I have trouble getting them tight enough, especially if they have only two straps.

So far I have tried on shoes from Shimano, specialized, nike, and diadora. The best by far was Shimano R-150, but it is way out of my price range.

Is there any brand of shoe that has a reputation for running narrow? What about a shoe with nice tight heel box? I don't need anything fancy, can't afford a carbon sole, but I do want shoes that fit right for long rides. Laces would be great, otherwise I probably need at least three straps.

Oh - I use insoles in my MTB shoes. I tried them with the road shoes, too. Sometimes they helped, but just as often did not.

Thanks in advance.
re: need advice on shoes, please.jjdbike
Aug 24, 2002 12:12 PM
Hey up hiller.
I just went through the same experience. Apparently most Americans, unlike us, have wide feet.
I tried the generics (e.g. Performance), the midlevel (e.g. Diadora) and even the high end ( I really wanted carbon) but the only one that fit was SIDI. They are narrow, though not cheap. Look for clearance sales. Two cautions, they are real leather so you need to care for them accordingly, & they stretch so buy them SNUG or you will swim in them once they are broken in. But once they are broken in they fit like a glove & are very comfortable. If taken care of they will last for several years, obvioulsy depending on how hard & often you ride!
Quality & properly fitting shoes are as, if not more important than a well suited saddle. Unfortunatly they don't come cheap, especially for we narrow folk.
Good luck!
If you want very stiff, you have to upgrade from the mildly flexy Dominator to the Energy.
Try this...High Gear
Aug 24, 2002 12:12 PM
I have tried lots of shoes in the past year Diadora,Time,Northwave,Vitoria,Sidi and DMT. The DMT's are the most narrow out of the bunch and light too. REI-Outlet has them on sale for $99. I think Nashbar has the DMT Crono-X on sale too. Good Luck
re: need advice on shoes, please.Ian
Aug 24, 2002 12:45 PM
The Sidi Genius come in a narrow version. The width is a "B/C" vs. the standard width of "D" and the Mega width of "E".

They are probably priced more than you want to spend, but I would find it hard to put a price on comfort. And I'm sure there are many Sidi owners here on the board that can attest to how long they last.

Sidi's are not made of leather. The Genius and Energy models use Lorica, the lower priced models use synthetic leather. Lorica is a breathable, supple, water resistant, microfiber that will not stretch. Synthetic leather loses the breathability and suppleness of Lorica, but also will not stretch. Try on shoes in the afternoon, as the human foot will swell slightly through the day, and keep on a pair for 10-15 minutes to give it a chance to conform to your foot.

Good luck.

Try this...zooog
Aug 24, 2002 2:52 PM
If you decide on the sidi shoes a guy on e-bay has nice prices. He sells from the UK and seems to have a good reputation. But I don't know if he has a return policy or what. Never used the guy but I am considering it. Good luck.
Try this...up_hiller
Aug 24, 2002 4:00 PM
Thanks to all of you; your advice is a big help. I am now in the market for a pair of Genius 3s or 4s. The DMTs would probably work, too, but all the sale-priced DMTs are out of my size. I saw a thread here recently in which it was stated that both brands are produced by the same parent company. Their styling is certainly similar (and very cool).

Zooog, you are right about the guy on ebay. Great prices on new shoes, reasonable shipping charges, and it looks like he has every size. Thanks for the tip.

Now I just need to see if I can find a place nearby to try some on. Sending shoes back and forth between here and the UK sounds like royal pain.
Try this...Spunout
Aug 24, 2002 5:22 PM
The guy in the UK 'Bitz4Bikes' on E-bay is legit, I just ordered Genius4 from them at about 60% of local retail. And yes, go to your LBS and try them on first, buy a bell or something on your way out.

Haven't received them yet, only 4 days, but will confirm if you'd like. Ordered a pair of Look 396s too, and they didn't charge me any more for shipping.