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$$$ Wheels - which are lowest maintenance?(7 posts)

$$$ Wheels - which are lowest maintenance?Fez
Aug 24, 2002 5:17 AM
Was looking at Ksyrium SSC SL. Had my eye on them 18 months ago but was unsure about the reliability but now they seem to be widely accepted while others (like Rolf) have come and gone.

1) How reliable are the hubs? Are they DuraAce quality or better?

2) Can these wheels be trued? If you damage a spoke can it be repaired? Can the hubs be replaced? Does it have to be sent to Mavic or can a LBS take care of repairs?

3) Other than huge CO$T, is there any reason NOT to get the Ksyriums?
re: $$$ Wheels - which are lowest maintenance?cyclopathic
Aug 24, 2002 8:04 AM
check Sdeals, they sell it for ~200$ less then US mail order.

Cannot comment on Ksyriums, I have a pair of '98 Cosmic Elites and hubs were very smooth and reliable. I believe Ksyrium hubs have same internals/different shell. Wheels were never trued and they are straight as an arrow.

The only problem I had last winter grease would harden at ~10-25F and hub stopped engaging. Worked fine above freezing, probably dried out. I tried to take it apart to service but it stuck. I took it to LBS, they called Mavic and Mavic warrantied freehub, I only paid for shipment. The buddy of mine had a pair of Mavic mtb wheels and he had similar problem, his freehub would stop disengaging at low temperatures.

Since I've got 4 trouble free years/uncounted miles out of it and customer service was super, I'd get another pair in heartbeat. If you live in cold area or ride in winter don't wait 4 years to service freehub ;) otherwise don't bother, it will last forever in CA or FL
I love mine...filtersweep
Aug 24, 2002 12:09 PM
How reliable are they, I don't know- I purchased them this year and have well over 1000 miles on them- never touched them, never had to true them, never had a spoke problem, never needed a repair.

They are light enough, solid, stiff- mine only cost $550... so they were a bargain!

These are not fragile wheels.

I assume they can "easily" be worked on, since they come with spoke tools.

The Mavic skewers could be used as boat anchors...
Better hope you never have any maintenance on those...seyboro
Aug 24, 2002 7:22 PM
I said it before, I'll say it again, DON'T GET 'EM!! I have had the worst experience with Mavic customer service after pulling four spokes through the rim of one of those bombproof Ksyrium SSCs. They DO NOT stand behind their product. If you are anywhere over 180 lbs, forget about it and try to hunt down a set of Vector pros.
Plus, IMO, there's hardly a ride as bland as SSCs. If you ride a set of spinergys, you can feel it, same for Rolfs, Heds, cxp 30s etc... Ksyriums? HA! Neither fish nor meat, neither light nor aero, nimble nor robust, just a highly average jack of all trades and a master of none.
Bottom line: beaucoup bucks for bare bang!!
re: $$$ Wheels - which are lowest maintenance?bikerfox1
Aug 24, 2002 10:33 PM
Ksyrium wheels are, by practically all accounts, great wheels. Seyboro had a negative experience, but he's in the minority. I've had the SSC SL version for 2,500 miles so far and aside from hitting an obstacle and pinch flatting both tires, they've been great, with no broken spokes. I'm 170 lbs. and I've broken rear spokes about every 300-500 miles with the typical Ultegra/Open Pro combination. The K's aren't the lightest wheels, but they're stiff and great at transmitting pedaling energy into wheel speed.
re: $$$ Wheels - which are lowest maintenance?got2ryd
Aug 25, 2002 3:55 AM
I have the ksyrium ssc wheelset which came stock on my c'dale in '01. i really have nothing to compare them to as far as feel in a high end road wheel. i will say they are stiff and light. i have had no problems and have about 2500 miles on them. i have hit some potholes with them and they still remain true. durable wheel, imo.
9,000+ miles . . .DCW
Aug 25, 2002 11:24 AM
on my original Ksyriums. I bought them from TC in late fall 2000. No problems, never out of true. I weigh 170 and ride average to above average quality roads, but the wheels have taken some big hits--potholes, ruts, speed bumps, rocks, you name it. I am about to get the new SL's for a new bike (give my old ones to my son) and hope for similar exerience.

A friend had wreck with his new SL's this past summer. He bent a couple of spokes while in rural France. Wheels stayed true. He bent spokes back more or less straight and declined my offer a spare spokes that evening. He rode another several hundred miles and forgot about them. He decided to repair them after he returned to the States.

It distesses me to hear about Mavic's service problems, but my LBS, (which didn't sell me the wheels, as I said) thinks it can handle at least the usual problems that could surface.