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Help With selection of a road bike(4 posts)

Help With selection of a road bikeJRF
Aug 23, 2002 5:38 PM
Hey FOlks,

Been a mountian biker for a long time (please don't hold it against me) have decided to buy a road bike (been using an old converted mountian bike for street rides.) I am in a bit of a bind. My LBS has offered me two great deals, one on a Klein Quantum the other is a Pinarello Galileo(sp) he bought the frame and built the bike. Identical component group (105) except the Pinarello has a better(his words) carbon fork and the wheels are Bontrager race lights, Klien has Bontrager race. The price difference is nominal (50 bucks). I can't find any spec on frame geometry for the Pinarello, so I am not sure what to expect out of the ride. Anyone got some words of wisdom?
thanks so much for your help.
Does either bike fit?DavidS
Aug 23, 2002 8:00 PM
I would advise you that fit is THE MOST important factor in buying a road bike. You will be in the saddle for a longer time, with less postion changes than in mountain bike riding. Fit is critical. Ride them both alot, then come back in a few days and ride them alot again. Take a few allen wrenches with you to get the saddle height/position right and see which one fits best.

As for the two bikes you mentioned:

Shimano 105 is good, not great, but good enough.

The Air Rail fork on the Klein is really nice, as good as the Meta on the Pinarello, IMO.

You will change the wheels within a year anyway, so why care? Have the bike shop give you better wheels to start with. (Open Pros/Ultegra or comparable)

The Pinarello has Italian threads on the bottom bracket.

Both are well built, stiff Aluminum frames. The Pinarello probably looks better ?


Have fun. Ride alot. Get the one you want the most, if it fits, and remember this is only your FIRST road bike.

-David S
Does either bike fit?JRF
Aug 24, 2002 12:10 PM
I just threw a leg over them to see what the crotch clearance was and how my position felt in the drops. Both felt pretty good. The LBS owner assured me that he will do everything to make sure the bike fits good. And if after all is said and done, I still don't like it, he said we will try the other. I really like the klein, my mountian bike is a Klien too, a Mantra Race. The paint jobs is bullet proof and the bike has never disappointed me.
Thanks for the help. Thanks for the web links too!!!
Budget and fit are the two biggies.Spoke Wrench
Aug 24, 2002 11:14 AM
Budget's the same, so your decision is half made. There are two ways to handle the other half.

One way is to test ride both of them to see if one just seemes better. If it does, don't over analyze why, just buy the bike and start having fun.

If you think they are so close that you can't decide, wait around until somebody else buys one of the bikes and then buy the whichever's left.