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colnago c40 for commuting? crazy?(6 posts)

colnago c40 for commuting? crazy?slomo
Aug 23, 2002 1:35 PM
well, im beginning the search for my 5-10year dream frame (you know what i mean, no new frame for at least 5 years...).

this bike will be used for mostly club/fun rides and training/commuting and maybe even some racing. it will be my only bike.

I was wondering if the c40 is robust enough for my purposes. i want cabon for the long mileage comfort, stiffness and lightness, but how is its crashability?

I am also considering tetra pro from calfee. looks to have a similar ride as the c40 but has the 25 year warrantee. at least if it starts to fail i can warrantee it.

am I crazy to even think of carbon when crash worthiness is somewhat of an issue (even though i don't crash)? is titanium the way to go? ti/carbon mix (ct1)?

thanks for any advice.
its your money, buts seems excessive to meDaveG
Aug 23, 2002 3:04 PM
seems kinda excessive to me unless the goal of commuting on the C-40 is showing off. Another option is to take the $5K+ you were going to spend on the C-40 and buy a merely awesome racing bike for $4K and a bulletproof commuter for $1K or less. Besides wear and tear on the C-40, theft of such an expensive commodity would be my other concern. If money is of no concern then do what your heart tells you to.
just getting the frame....slomo
Aug 23, 2002 3:52 PM
...and transplanting my record 10 gruppo over, hence only one bike. also, there's no way i would purchase a c40 stateside and paying an extra 1500, ~2300 frame and fork from maestro-uk. a calfee would only be bought stateside and locally since i live 30 minutes away from them. again i'm looking for my DREAM frame.

no theft concerns since it would be covered under my homeowners insurance and that it would be parked right beside my workstation :)

i actually enjoy my commute (no panniers, sometimes a backpack) so why shouldn't i enjoy the ride as well? i don't race right now (i plan to, but not very often) so a dedicated racing bike would just sit around. to me than is a waste.

ya, wear and tear are big concerns but that is why i posed the question in the first place :)
just getting the frame....Walter
Aug 23, 2002 5:13 PM
I'll echo the other poster about your freedom to spend your money any way you want. A statement puzzled me though. You said that a dedicated race bike "...would just sit around..." What would be a more dedicated racer than a C-40 with Record 10? If you've got the components and plan to buy the frame at a discount overseas why not just get yourself a commuter?
Just comments, it's your money.
not crazyJohnG
Aug 23, 2002 6:35 PM
It's just a good frame. Buy it, use it, and enjoy life.

FWIW: As a 02 CT1 owner I can vouch for it's velvet ride and stiff BB. I'd buy it before I'd get a C40 only because I think it might be a little more robust. BTW: I got it from Mike at Maestro. Nice fellow to do bus with.

If you live near Santa Cruz.....SantaCruz
Aug 23, 2002 7:47 PM
go visit the Calfee factory, I would imagine that seeing the factory and talking to the folks there would sell you. I see lots of guys in Santa Cruz county commuting on Calfees.

I rode one two years ago and it became my dream bike.