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Help me with my girlfriend's learning curve.(2 posts)

Help me with my girlfriend's learning curve.Pack Meat
Aug 23, 2002 9:16 AM
I posted this on the Racing board but was hoping the greater traffic on this board would elicit more responses. Thanks to everybody that posted on the racing board it's all good info.
My girlfriend just completed her first year racing and it didn't meet her expectations. I keep telling her that she shouldn't expect a whole lot from your first year but she doesn't listen to me because I've been racing for so long she believes that I can't remember how hard it is to get to the point that you can actually keep up with the pack. I think she did pretty good, she never got lapped or finished last or dropped out.

Any advice you can give her about training, racing tactics and nerves, and motivation would really help. A brief synopsis of your first year racing or riding seriously would be helpful also. She doesn't have internet access so I'm going to print out the responses for her.

re: Help me with my girlfriend's learning curve.eschelon
Aug 23, 2002 1:22 PM
I'm not going to get long-winded about my pitfalls of racing both mentally and physically, but suffice to say, I haven't won a race yet (1st place) but I have placed in most of my races usually either top5 or top 10...mostly top 5...but still, being 2nd means I was the first loser...and losig sucks. Losing is very really sticks it to you whether you like it or not, it shows how inadequate you really are and how much you need to improve to win...but even that isn't a guarantee that you will win. Why do I keep on trying these races and "throwing" my money away?'s simple...I have fun. I also enjoy the thrill of finding my limits and racing is just are throwing yourself into the thrawls of life that is competition of the fittest. You have to have fun doing that crazy shit we call racing...otherwise, biking and racing will only get worse if you don't have fun doing it.