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Ultegra bottom bracket maintenance(11 posts)

Ultegra bottom bracket maintenanceAndy
Aug 23, 2002 8:50 AM
My bottom bracket is making a clicking noise which is getting worse by the day. The cranks still feel smooth when I spin them. I did isolate the noise to the BB though. I was going to take it to my LBS shop but the wait is several days. So... I am thinking about going to REI and purchasing a bottom bracket tool and trying to service it myself.

Question 1: What tool(s) do I need to purchase for an 2000 model year ultegra BB?

Question 2: What should I be looking for when I take the BB apart?
If your crank has self-extracting bolts....IAmtnbikr
Aug 23, 2002 9:06 AM
then you will not need a crank arm puller. Park Tool's CCP-2C works well and costs about $13 if you do need to pull the arms. As for the bb, it probably is a sealed one, with no service to it, just toss it. The Ultegra bb uses a Park Tool BBT-2, and a 3/8" ratchet to use it. Simply remove and reinstall. Be sure to get the correct BB, as in double or triple, there is a difference in spindle length. No big deal to do! Go to for more info.
re: Ultegra bottom bracket maintenanceLC
Aug 23, 2002 9:11 AM
You need a Park BBT-2 to remove it. Only thing is that the Ultegra BB does not come apart as it is a sealed unit. It may just be loose or more likely your seat post is clicking and the noise sounds like it is coming from the BB.
re: Ultegra bottom bracket maintenanceTheKid
Aug 23, 2002 9:32 AM
I had a clicking problem with my BB. I have a bike with a titanium frame. I pulled the BB out and re-installed it with plumber's teflon tape on the threads. The clicking went away. I have seen it mentioned in several places to put teflon tape on the threads if you are installing a BB in a titanium frame, but have not found an explanation of why this should be done.
re: Ultegra bottom bracket maintenanceTheKid
Aug 23, 2002 9:36 AM
One more suggestion.
If you are going to start working on your bike and do not have the tools, you might want to buy a tool kit. Supergo and Nashbar have a bike tool kit for about $50 that includes a BB tool that fit my shimano BB and a crank puller.
teflon: whyweiwentg
Aug 24, 2002 2:15 AM
this kind of fills in the gaps between the BB and the BB shell (it is also done on the spindle). as for the why, I don't know (although it is a known issue with ti frames). unless you're a pro racer, it isn't likely that (if the cranks spin smoothly) the BB is worn out by now. just teflon tape the BB threads and spindle.
Thanks for all the infoAndy
Aug 23, 2002 9:53 AM
Thanks for the info... It's not my seatpost because it clicks even louder when I stand and pedal out of the saddle. The cranks are self extracting - but I did buy a crank puller before I realized it, never used it.
doubt it is BBcyclopathic
Aug 23, 2002 10:18 AM
if it is clicking not creaking; check chain and chainrings for wear and bent teeth. I assume you ruled out loose crank arms, pedals, cleats etc
replaced cranks/pedalsAndy
Aug 23, 2002 11:23 AM
I have different cranks/pedals for training and racing. When I first noticed the clicking, I replacd the cranks with my training cranks - each with their own set of pedals. The arms were tight when I took them off and the new cranks arms are tight. The clicking is not constant and does not correlate with my pedal stroke but it does seem to be more frequent every day (day 3) and louder.

I'll look at it tonight and see what I can come up with. If worst comes to worst, I'll take it in and miss two days of riding.
doesn't sound like BBcyclopathic
Aug 23, 2002 3:02 PM
on my mtb I had a click which paranoid me for quite some time; turned out it was a chairing touching FD. Also check on frame cracks or stiff link who knows
It turned out to be the rear hubAndy
Aug 24, 2002 7:16 PM
Took it in to the shop and had someone listen while I was riding on a trainer. Turns out it was the rear hub.