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Logan to Jackson Hole; LOTOJA(2 posts)

Logan to Jackson Hole; LOTOJARookieZ
Aug 22, 2002 8:56 PM
Has anyone done LOTOJA? Any good stories, hints, strategies, etc. How tough is Tin Cup Pass?
I've done it twice, including last year....Brooks
Aug 23, 2002 7:43 AM
The first time was the third race (this year is #20) with about 40 of us riding out in the cold drizzle. Last year was 550 riders, full blown organization, and a beautiful day for riding.

Hints: 1. You are riding at altitude, so if you are not acclimatized, be aware of your heart rate and drink more fluids than you might normally at lower elevations.
2. Depending on your category, they start you off in packs. These generally stay together for the first 30 miles or so until the first climb. Try to stay with a group of riders and organize a paceline; 200 miles is a long way to go if you are solo for a long time.
3. The topography is generally rolling. Check and enter some of the waypoints for an idea of what the topography is like. Treasureton Pass at 40 miles is harder than Tin Cup. A couple of steep but short climbs at the 30 mile mark (out of the Bear River) is what blows the packs apart.
4. Depending on your goal (just to finish, finish under 10 hours, etc) utilize the feed zones for stretching or getting off the bike if you must. I use a musette bag and my wife hands up food and new bottles in the bag. I keep going and stretch on the bike. Sometimes you come into a feedzone with one group and leave with another if people are stopping.
5. Follow the rules about stopping at lights and stop signs, and single file riding in Wyoming, except to pass. The course is well marshalled and you will be DQ'ed.
6. By now you should be doing some fairly long rides on the weekends. With the race in three weeks, use this weekend and next for long rides and fill in during the week. Light rides in the leadup week to keep the legs fresh and carbo-load.
7. Have fun and good luck. I'm riding again this year (over 45 citizen) assuming the road rash from my crash on Tuesday heals ok. I've got a gray Sampson bike. Any other questions?