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Knee Pain When Riding - Help?(6 posts)

Knee Pain When Riding - Help?Terrapin
Aug 22, 2002 10:48 AM
I develop a truly annoying dull pain around both my knees when riding (the pain is located directly above the knee cap ("touching" it), just to the left and right of the cap, and it can get bad), and I can't fix it. I was professionally fitted by a well-known bike shop, and I've even tried raising the seat (until the point where my hips started rocking on the strokes), moving it back and forth on the rails, etc., and nothing works on that end.

I'm aware also of being in too high a gear, and I make sure that I'm not, but the pain will continue until I'm nearly in my lowest gear and going about 3 miles per hour (i.e., there's nearly no resistance on the pedals).

Admittedly, I'm getting back into cycling after a long-absence, and I'm not in tip-top shape compared to most of you, but should I really have this pain, even if I'm not in top condition yet? It's gotten to the point where I stop my ride do to my knees, and not my thighs or lungs. That can't be good.

Is it an issue where my knees themselves have to "get in shape", or is there something seriously wrong with them that should get looked at?

Any advice?
I'd get it looked atMcAndrus
Aug 22, 2002 11:36 AM
It sounds wrong to me. If you've been professionally fitted everything should feel just fine.

As much as I hate to say it, I'd get them looked at. My problem with doctors is that the advice I get is "stop riding."
re: Knee Pain When Riding - Help?bm
Aug 22, 2002 1:04 PM
had a knee problem, and when continued to ride it only got worse. it keeps getting inflamed everytime you got out - and the condition will only get worse. first let the muscles and joint tendons repair themselves; then, spin away.

the bike may be fitted correctly, but check YOUR geometry. you may be sliding down to the front of the seat becuase your arms are tired. i lowered the seat on my bike for a little bit because i thought was overstretching tendons.

read "bicycling medicine" by Arnie Baker. Has illustrations and explanations for particular symptoms of pain. you may be able to pinpoint what is wrong by the location it hurts in.

as M.D. Arnie wrote in the book, you can only help the condition by cycling correctly. if somethings just not quite right - you'll worsen the condition. but first, you have to rest.
Causes of knee painKerry
Aug 22, 2002 5:16 PM
Roughly there are 4 causes for knee pain:

1) pedaling too hard in a low cadence
2) bad fit (improper seat height, fore aft position, or cleat position)
3) ramping up the distance too fast
4) biomechanical incompatibilities with cycling

The last point is pretty general, but some people's knees just can't take cycling. You can get it looked at now, or you can back off cycling for a while and come back with proper consideration of the first three points. If the pain comes back, see the doc for sure, or quit riding.
One more...klay
Aug 23, 2002 7:46 AM
My knee injury, which sounds real similar to Terrapins,
this year was a combo of 4 and 5.

I have unstable patellas. As I understand it this can be caused by two things. Patellas that don't have enough of a groove inside to track correctly and/or the muscles that stabilize the patella aren't up to the job. Either way, the solution was to stabilize the patella by strengthening those muscles - primarily the quad.

I injured my knees by going too hard early on. The caused me all kinds of knee pain (as you described). I was completely off the bike for 3-4 weeks while I let any inflammation go down and as I built up the quad with isometric exercize. I.e. Leg extensions without any weight.

I seem to be able to avoid irritating the knees by [b]keeping[/b] my quads in shape. Interestingly enough, cycling is usually the exercise prescribed to help overcome this problem. Going to hard before I had sufficiently "stabilized" the knee was the problem.

Hard to get all the details in a few paragraphs. I would see someone about this and take it easy till it's solved.

Here's some reading...(just a bit ;-))klay
Aug 23, 2002 12:18 PM