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Your Opinion....(5 posts)

Your Opinion....CARBON110
Aug 22, 2002 9:29 AM
So there is a "velodrome" or track close to my house that I have been doing races on all year. I know every inch of it since I start and end all my rides on it. The othr night I am racing with a group about 15 large. We have a sprint lap every 5 laps for points doing 30 or 35 laps total. Usually I just use this race for fun and go out hard to get a workout. I did well on a couple of the sprints and after the race one of the local organizers comes up to me and says" has anyone spoken to you about your racing style?" I said no. why? He said " there have been a few people contesting your sprints since you passed below them on the track" I said; What the hell are you talking about? Thats not illegal. He said "no...but Track edicate states you should pass above the other riders as often as you can instead of going below them. I said fine, but its a judgement call and if someone is going slow in front of me and I am not in the sprinters lane or if im blocked from going over the top, I will pass under...its a race and legal to do.He agreed it was not against the rules but kept saying " track edicate". Now people do this in every single race, the masters, the A, the B, the womens, and the fixed gear. He then says, my name came up " several times" for passing under riders. I said so?! I asked if it was going to effect my sprint resuts and he could not tell me. What a crock of $h!t. Now this was no a fixed gear race and the track is 1/3 of a mile long around. Perfect surface with a sprinters lane and alot of room under the race course to warm up. Never once did I go under the line or even come close to it. I was in second place for about 25 of the 30 laps.Help me out here...stuff like this ever happen to you? Have your results ever been Questioned?
re: Your Opinion....aliensporebomb
Aug 22, 2002 10:09 AM
It's "etiquette", the type of thing you'd send a question
in to "Ask Miss Manners".

I bet she's never gotten a question like THAT before though.

I'm not a racer so I have no idea as to the etiquette of
how NOT to do things.

Clueless about velodrome buttt....bigrider
Aug 22, 2002 12:38 PM
I didn't ever think it was bad form to win a sprint legally. If you are not breaking the rules and it is a REAL race than tell them you would rather win than be nice. If it is a group ride around a track where it isn't a real race maybe that is a different story.

Was there room to pass on the right when you passed? Maybe what he was saying was if there is a clear lanes on both sides you should pick the high side. I would think the guy in the front would take the shortest route around the track which would be down low to gain a tactical advantage. I would love to hear more about this subject from a velodrome racer.
re: Your Opinion....Aztec
Aug 22, 2002 1:06 PM
I have no idea but suggest you ask others at the track their views. If it's bad karma to pass low then they will tell you if you give them the opportunity.
More info..........CARBON110
Aug 22, 2002 2:48 PM
This is a USCF event and counts for points to upgrade. I asked around and everyone said there wasnt a problem with it so not to worry. Th guy that told me about etiquette, said he would make an " anouncment" next race and explain to pass high rather thaN LOW if possible Should be a hoot to hear the reaction of the crowd. I know I plan on sying something articulate and curt.