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Sympathy Day. Two days and two crashes.(7 posts)

Sympathy Day. Two days and two crashes.Brooks
Aug 21, 2002 10:17 AM
I hadn't crashed for years on the road bike (although with some regularity on the mtbike, nature of the sport). So on Monday we get our first rain in weeks, I'm two blocks from home on a newly surfaced road, I'm turning left out of a stop sign (yes, I stopped), barely moving trying to be careful and BOOM! I hit the deck. Oil and water don't mix with turning on skinny tires. I just dropped on my hip and didn't really slide 'cause I wasn't going more than a couple of mph. No big deal except the bruise on the hip and small cut on elbow.

Then yesterday a dozen of us on a quick-paced group ride come zipping down a country road at 25mph. No traffic, smooth pavement (thankfully not chipped sealed), paceline going. The lead guy was not doing his duty in watching for obstacles as he narrowly misses a big stone (3-4" high, 6-8" across, fairly flat in shape) in the road. I'm sitting about 4th and see the stone right before I slam into it. No time to react (swerve or jump). A Superman flying through the air. Gouged a hole in the right elbow about the size of a quarter right down to the bone (five stitches), tore the crap out the front right side of a favorite jersey and shorts, road rash from ribs to hip, both knees and left palm (new gloves in order). Thankfully, no one ran over me or went down. Checked out the bike: scrapes on the tops of both hoods (total endo) and a bit on the right side bars, pedal, rear der. Front wheel: still true. Damn those Cane Creek Aeroheads are, literally, harder than rock! Didn't even flat. I still need to pull the fork to check the headset for any cracks, etc. but the bike seems to be in pretty good shape.

Two things: I won't shave my whole body to ease road rash like this, legs are enough (remember to do your hips!). And two, when leading a paceline your two functions are to maintain pace and to watch for, and point out, obstacles. No telling what might have happened if the front guy had hit the rock and everbody piled in.

Well, I'm kind of bandaged like the Mummy and decided not to wear shorts to work today (even though we are allowed). I'll probably ride the trainer for a few days, but I still need to get in the seat time with the 200 mile Logan to Jackson race coming up Sept 14.

Be careful and ride safely!
re: Sympathy Day. Two days and two crashes.fbg111
Aug 21, 2002 12:00 PM
Darn, glad you're alright. Better yet, glad your bike's alright! ;) Be careful, bad things come in three's.
Aug 21, 2002 12:02 PM
Did you have the strength to beat the crap out of the lead guy? Did he feel badly and apologize? If not, he at least needs a good lecture, although if that didn't make it sink in, probably nothing will.

He did apologize; hopefully felf badly. nmBrooks
Aug 21, 2002 12:47 PM
re: Sympathy Day. Two days and two crashes.koala
Aug 21, 2002 5:34 PM
Having recently crashed I sincerely hope your injuries heal quickly and you get back on the horse. And best of luck in the upcoming road race. Come back strong!
Get well soon.......tronracer
Aug 22, 2002 6:53 AM
glad you're not hurt that bad, but I have a question and please excuse my ignorance, I haven't had much experience in pacelines. How is it that the 3 riders in the front completely missed the rock yet you hit it if all were riding in a straightline?
Thanks and no such thing as an ignorant question...Brooks
Aug 22, 2002 7:25 AM
The front guy apparently missed it by an inch, the second guy saw it just ahead of #1. He said he pointed it out, but at 25mph I was already on it. As we were riding with a pretty good crosswind, we were not perfectly lined up wheel to wheel. You drift a few inches to either side anyway and that was enough to put me in harm's way.