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saddle questions again....(5 posts)

saddle questions again....Gall
Aug 21, 2002 9:07 AM

i posted something about saddles in the parts section. i didnt get many answers so i thought i d posted here...

anyhow my selle italia century saddle broke. the rail broke in half.

so now i am in the market for a new one. there are so many new saddles out there. what is a worth while saddle out there thats going to last, be light and be comfortable. gee i m not asking for much am i?

thanks so much for your very needed help!
one word for ya...Koobi (nm)MVN
Aug 21, 2002 9:27 AM
re: saddle questions again....MP
Aug 21, 2002 4:26 PM
I have a Terry Fly Ti and love it. However, you might not find it comfortable. The best thing to do is go to your LBS, mount your bike in a stand and try several different saddles.
Totally personal preferenceKerry
Aug 21, 2002 5:21 PM
There is no way anyone can recommend a saddle that will be comfortable for you. They can only tell you what is comfortable for them, and often they don't even have a reference - most people ride the same saddle for years. If you liked the feel of your old saddle, look for a new one with similar dimensions and padding thickness. Fact is, most of us can adapt to many different saddles if we take the time.
re: saddle questions again....DINOSAUR
Aug 21, 2002 9:05 PM
I loved the San Marco Era that is on my old bike. My LBS had none in stock when he was building up my current ride. My main concern was the length of the rails and he put me on a Sella Italia Gel Flite. I like this saddle more so than the Era. You probably can't go wrong with any of the Sella Italia saddles, I believe the Gel Flite is the #1 selling saddle. I'd like to try the plain old Selle Italia Flite with perforated leather. The only thing I don't like about the Gel Flite is the embroidery that tends to eat up my shorts. Perhaps you should consider another Sella Italia, as you are familiar with the demensions of this saddle. Saddles are a personal thing, once you find one that works, stick with it....the Sella Italia Flite goes for around $55.00, not a bad saddle and it won't break the bank...but's that just my opinion....good luck...