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Composite seat frame, safe?(3 posts)

Composite seat frame, safe?fbg111
Aug 20, 2002 5:32 PM
My new bike comes with a Selle Italia Prolink, with a "composite" (carbon/titanium) seat frame. After hearing some horror stories about carbon seat posts breaking mid-ride and the rider being impaled, I'm a bit concerned with the strength of this composite. Especially since the seat frame consists of much smaller, narrower composite pieces than a carbon seat post, and must carry the same stress in a smaller area/cross section. Anyone know just how the titanium reinforces the carbon? Is it a titanium mesh interwoven (or wrapped around) the carbon frame pieces, or is it a titanium central rod with carbon wrapped around the outside? Anyone else have any concerns about this?
re: Composite seat frame, safe?yiucycle
Aug 20, 2002 5:55 PM
i i know they are pretty strong, i think the carbon is just for the looks and one of my friend have it and she have crash it on the couple race and still doing fine. the only drawback is the weight of the seat, it is very heavy.
re: Composite seat frame, safe?aliensporebomb
Aug 21, 2002 10:38 AM
I've heard the exact same story on another biking board
and it sounds like an urban legend to me.

First, the story I heard or the variations of it are "I heard this from a friend" or "I read about this one guy" - there's no specifics on who it is or where it happened and what equipment it happened on.

Anyway, it always happens that the "spike" rams up the
guys behind and he loses blood almost to death and some
kind cyclists find him and he'll be okay, but he'll NEVER

What melodramatic hearsay and B.S. Before I believe it I
need to hear some evidence it happened. There's been a
lot of improvements in carbon technology over the years,
even in the last few so I take it with a grain of salt.

Secondly, I have a Selle Italia prolink on my bike I got
on 7/3. I'm coming up on 350 miles here pretty quick and
I've had no problems thus far.

I have no ideas as to the construction process (i.e. carbon enclosing titanium rods or titanium mesh strengthening carbon rods) but perhaps the Selle Italia site might clue
us in.

Lastly, I'm about 220 pounds and have had no problems so
take that as you will.