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recommended wheels for around 1000 euro/dollars.(4 posts)

recommended wheels for around 1000 euro/dollars.mike r
Aug 20, 2002 4:58 PM
looking for a suitable set of wheels with a budget of around 1000 euro.
i have a de rosa merak, with mavic open pro cd 32 spoke record hubs.
i weigh about 65 kilos (145lb) and have a smooth pedaling style however a lot of roads around here (ireland) are quite rough.
looking for a good set of racing wheels, for mainly rolling terrain. no climbs longer than 3 miles. have considered mavic cosmic carbonne, campagnolo neutron, ksyrium sl etc.

any ideas??
wheel setsKerry
Aug 20, 2002 5:25 PM
The hottest ticket appears to be Zipps, though they are sensitive to cross winds and if you want to really save weight, you have to go with tubular tires. Otherwise, you can spend a lot more and not really get any advantages over the wheels you have right now. You can get 3 sets of wheels like yours in the US for $1000, so spending that much on wheels suggests you want to spend money and get "high zoot" but you're really not likely to get a performance improvement.
re: recommended wheels for around 1000 euro/dollars.yiucycle
Aug 20, 2002 5:47 PM
i not sure how much 1000 euro is, is it around almost same as 1000 us dollar?
but here is few wheels you can look in to:
Amercian Classic-a lot of different models
Topolino wheelset-$700
Nimble wheels- super cool & light carbon wheel
Spinergy wheel
Velomax wheels- very light wheel-$700
i hope those website help you find you wheels.
Availability and valueboneman
Aug 21, 2002 12:12 AM
Given the state of roads and conditions, probably windy, I'd not recommend a deep profile rim like the Cosmic Carbonne or Zipp 404. I recently sold a pair of Spinergy Rev-X's I'd brought over from the States but hadn't used in 4 years as they're a handful in UK conditions (I'm in London).

I own both Neutron's and Ksyrium's (not the SL's). I'd rate rate the Neutron's higher as they're a bit lighter and their subjective performance is more responsive. The SL model probably improves this area for the Ksyrium's. The latter wheel is also subjectively stiffer so for racing, it's a good way to go although with the merak and your weight, you might want to try the Neutron's as they offer better ride comfort IMHO. They're both durable and replacement parts are easy to find. Both are also available with either Shimano or Campy freehubs.

A lot of people will suggest Zipp's or as another poster stated, Nimble wheels. The pricing in the UK and Ireland is not good for US products and if you trash the wheel, you either face a wait for service or just putting it in the skip.