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What's Your Honest Opinion on Serotta Sizing?(4 posts)

What's Your Honest Opinion on Serotta Sizing?jose_Tex_mex
Aug 20, 2002 3:56 PM
Is this something that will really help or is it mostly theory?

I have never done a Serotta Size. However, I am contemplating it. Here's a few questions I have. I would appreciate your feedback:

Can they tell you the optimal size crank? Or is the crank size based on geom or personal preference?
Do they fit you for Serotta's geom or a geometry in general?
Do they tell you how to account for different sizing - like c to c or standover.
Is it worth it?
Is there a site where I can find a place to do it in NJ?

re: What's Your Honest Opinion on Serotta Sizing?zray61
Aug 20, 2002 8:04 PM
Besides the answers on this board also go to
and their owners club and pose the same questions for a
boarder statistical response. Yes, they are bias but as
a group pretty honest.
Yes, I had a fitting and it was $60.00 well spent for me.
re: What's Your Honest Opinion on Serotta Sizing?tarwheel
Aug 21, 2002 4:19 AM
I had a Serotta fitting done about 1-1/2 years ago. I had been riding a Bianchi that was supposedly the correct size according to all the fit formulas, but I was having lots of problems with numbness in my hands and just wasn't comfortable. The fitting cost about $80. If I had ordered a Serotta, they would have deducted the cost from the new bike, but I was under no pressure from the shop to order a Serotta or any other bikes they carried. The Serotta fitting doesn't just look at your inseam length, arms and torso, but also considers your flexibility -- which is a big issue in proper fit. In addition to proper frame size (seat and top tubes), they also recommend the best stem height and reach, crank length, and other design factors depending on your intended use (eg, touring vs. racing).

The fitting worked out great for me. According to the fit, I was riding about the right size frame for seat tube length, but needed a frame with a shorter top tube. I also needed to raise my handlebar and shorten the stem. The fitting gives you the info you need to order a custom frame, or go out and find a stock frame that fits better. In my case, I found that a stock Gios steel frame fit very close to what the Serotta fitting recommended. So I ordered a Gios from Excelsports (total cost $600 for frame and fork) and saved nearly $1,000 right there compared to the cost of a custom frame. After riding the Gios for 15 months and 8,000 miles, I can honestly say that it fits great, although I initially had to tinker with the stem length, saddle height, etc., as with any new bike.

The fitting enabled me to rule out about 90% of the stock bikes on the market, including nearly all American frames -- most of which have long top tubes. I know now that if I want to by a stock frame (new or used) that certain brands will fit me -- like Gios, Colnago, Merckx. If I want to order a custom frame, I can just send the fitting results to Serotta or any other frame builder. In short, the $80 I spent on a fitting was the best money I ever spent on cycling. To find a Serotta fitter near you, check their website at Supposedly the master of all Serotta fittings is in the NYC area, so it might be worth your while to go there since you live in NJ.
re: What's Your Honest Opinion on Serotta Sizing?2_cheap
Aug 21, 2002 4:43 AM
I am also considering a Serotta (or at least getting sized on a Serotta fit cycle). The Serotta "master" fit technician is a guy by the name of Paul Levine. I believe he will travel to your home if it's a reasonable distance from his home base (which I believe is Orange/Rockland county NY). I spend a lot of time on the Serotta messageboard and legions of Serotta owners swear by his fittings. From what I've read, he will spend several hours with you (at your home if you're in the area!) to ensure a proper fit. You can get his number from's authorized dealer list.