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Nashbar customer service, a close 2nd to Spinergy's...(1 post)

Nashbar customer service, a close 2nd to Spinergy's...IAmtnbikr
Aug 20, 2002 3:23 PM
What a bunch of idiots.....I had ordered a fork from them, only to have it arrive as the wrong item. So, after a few calls for them to beg their warehouse supervisor to inspect the bin to see how many other 1" threaded forks were in the 1 1/8" threadless bin, they shipped the correct one to me. I returned the incorrect one, and figured I would use the credit amount to buy some new tires, and other odds and ends. They received the return last Thursday the 15th, and yet as of 5:00 this afternoon claim "we don't show it in our computer". I had faxed in a copy of the UPS tracking information showing even the last name of who signed for it upon arrival. No response. Four more calls, and still no callback as promised from a "supervisor". What a joke! Anyone else here had such a wonderful experience with them? It is really starting to piss me off. As the service manager of a successful RV dealership, I seem to have (per Nashbar standards) an incorrect view of what customer service means. I thought you returned calls promptly and handled disgruntled customers!