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NOW I'm getting nervous....(9 posts)

NOW I'm getting nervous....gs6769
Aug 20, 2002 12:33 PM
After work I'm off to the LBS to pick up my (now) full Ultegra Klein Quantum. I'll be riding home in jeans with the legs rolled up and a tennis bag full of old 105 parts on my back. Brought my Sidis and helmet along, not forgeting a multi tool for any small drivetrain adjustments on the way home. Can hardly wait to feel those overhauled wheels hit the pavement!
Um, they have a changing room in the back with a shower-filtersweep
Aug 20, 2002 12:48 PM
and a locker for your stuff if you want to leave it there and return later
Um, they have a changing room in the back with a shower-gs6769
Aug 20, 2002 12:54 PM
Yeah, I might leave the parts for later but I've got the bag along anyway. This way I get to play bike messenger. Too bad I can't trackstand at red lights.
Did I see you on Kenilworth Trail last night near 5th Ave? I was on my Bianchi since the Klein's in the shop.
That was mefiltersweep
Aug 20, 2002 4:23 PM
I waved, but you were rather "stuck in traffic."

Sorry about the rain. Actually I welcome it, since I've been riding too much lately and need a break... but I'd be going nuts if I were waiting for new gear. I was thinking it is going to rain, it is not going to rain, it is going to rain...

It should feel like you are riding a new bike.

I'll be paying those Freewheel guys a visit in a day or two to ship out my old bike- reserve on ebay was just met with a few hours to spare.
Rain/new geargs6769
Aug 21, 2002 2:48 AM
I played it safe last night and didn't pick up the cycle. As it turned out I probably would have made it home before the rain, but there you go. At least it really did rain. Few things worse than staying in when it just threatens and you could have been out. Supposed to rain all day too.

I think it'll be pretty amazing. Now the only stock bits left are the wheels and the bars, both of which will go eventually, but I'm in no real big hurry.

good news on selling the Trek. That will take some of the sting out of you Look bill!
Rain/new gearfiltersweep
Aug 21, 2002 5:09 AM
Weather looks nasty again today...

Nothing is more frustrating than staying in when it looks like it will rain and then it doesn't.

Wheels: if you have the Rolf's you will be in for a real treat when you do upgrade- at least in my case it made an immediately noticeable difference.

A late night bidding war took place on my bike- I'll be receiving more than I would have asked outright for the bike. I almost feel "guilty" when that happens. I have an odd fascination with ebay culture. The psychology of suspending the immediate gratification of purchase turns each auction that receives numerous bids (in this case, 26 already) into theater. As people wait for the auction to finish, they become more deeply invested emotionally, which seems to loosen their pocketbooks as well. It is still a great bike and will be a great deal, but the leading bidder sent me an email yesterday revealing that he is a complete "newbie" to biking and he has zero feedback at ebay (new to ebay). Most people get their feet wet with penny-ante ebay purchases. We'll see what happens...
Rain/Wheels/eBay entertainment valuegs6769
Aug 21, 2002 6:15 AM
Here's hoping it blows over by this evening. Freewheel's open 'til 8:00 so I've at least got a shot at it.

I'm not nuts about the Rolfs. They are better than the cheesy Mavics that came with my Bianchi though. replaced those with Campy Protons. Superb wheels. I'm looking at Velomax Curcuit Comps for the Klein. It'll happen in the spring unless I run across an amazing end of season deal.

As buyer or seller I always enjoy the whole ebay experience. Win some lose some, but it's a lot of fun if you keep your wits about you. I scored the Quantum on eBay at a really good 'buy it now' price. VERY motivated seller. He even split the shipping cost with me. I think he bought a lot higher than his motivation level. The bike had maybe 600 miles total. He hadn't even got around to taking the size sticker off of the seat tube or peeling the film off of the name plates. Does seem unusual for a new ebayer to go for a big ticket item. Gotta start somewhere though. He's getting a fine bike. No feedback can make things a little on the nervous side but no need to borrow trouble.
re: NOW I'm getting nervous....aliensporebomb
Aug 21, 2002 7:43 AM
What a dreadful day for riding in the twin cities eh?

Idea: you could take those 105 parts and make a really nice
"beater"/"around town" bike with them.

Congrats on the new parts. I'll probably do something similar at some point.

I'm wondering if new wheels would be cooler before I get
new drivetrain components.

I'll likely be moving from 105 to Ultegra or D-A at some
point but not anytime soonly.

Maybe wheels. The ones I've got (CXP21's) have got the
most horrible reputation but no problems so far.
Elements etc...gs6769
Aug 21, 2002 9:23 AM
Indeed, it's pretty bad. Looks like it's blowing over on the radar though! Here's hoping it dries up by the time we all leave work.

Good idea for the old parts. Slush season is fast approaching but I can't be off two wheels all winter.

I'd probably recommend new wheels first. The difference is pretty amazing when compared to the usual stock wheels. Lots of season's end deals popping up around now as well. I probably would have gone for wheels first, but the chunk of cash I acquired fit the component bill to a 't' and I got a pretty nice deal. FWIW, I think 105 is a much better group than CXP21s are wheels, if that makes sense.