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If I were to start doing intervals.(5 posts)

If I were to start doing intervals.Leisure
Aug 20, 2002 4:23 AM
Well, it kind of goes against my style. But this has been a ho-hum season for me, too tired from school, work, and everything else to cycle the way I want, so my cardio is kind of soso. So, now I'm thinking I might pick up some intervals later this year. I'm just researching and think I'm fairly ignorant on this, so tell me whatever. All information is appreciated, but I want to put together something that is time/effort-efficient. I'm not aiming for cat-1 caliber or anything, just good benefits on limited time, and maybe some understanding on what would help me continue making gains in the long-term. Thanks.
A source for workout examples....biknben
Aug 20, 2002 6:55 AM
Earlier this season I was lost with regard to interval workouts. I knew what they were and how they helped. I just needed some examples or sample workouts to get me going.

I found a ton of workouts on You can sign up for a free trial week and scope out all the workouts they recommend. I reviewed the workouts and found some I liked. Before my free week was up I copied every workout from their list to a word file so now I have them even though my free trial period has expired.

From what you said about feeling "Ho-hum and tired" I'd recommend you put in some steady base miles. Intervals and sprint type workouts can do more harm than good if done too soon. IMHO: intervals don't get you in shape...they take you to the next level.
A source for workout examples....Rich_Racer
Aug 21, 2002 2:34 AM
Aerobic fitness comes mainly from long steady rides - sounds like you need that more.

Intervals train anaerobic fitness, lactate tolerance and strength.

I like this site:

and this is a good comparison:

I do this interval work-out once a week:
10x15sec sprints with 3 min easy pedellaing inbetween
10x1 min max, 1min easy, alternating
20 min AT to finish. With a 15 min warm up and warm down, plus ten mins inbetween each of the three sets, it takes just under 2 hours. You need to be aerobically fit first though otherwise it'll just cane you and make you tired rather than fitter.

Aug 21, 2002 2:40 AM
My girlfriend and I used to do a lot of rowing which involves quite a lot of interval style training. She reckons that intervals don't really make you fitter they just increase your ability to deal with pain! I'm not sure i completely disagree! Anyway, they're not exactly your average kind of fun!


Thanks guys.Leisure
Aug 21, 2002 3:31 AM
The information in these sites helps, and at least now some of it feels familiar to what I've done in weightlifting so conceptually it helps a lot. It's not as counterintuitive as I was expecting it to be. I had this impression of them as sprints which magically improved your endurance on long rides, now it all seems more understandable. I probably will still try to pick them up; my cardio and long-distance riding is not terrible, just not what I like it to be at this time of the season. Where I really feel like I've lost is in charging through tough sections...feeling like less juice in reserve, so now intervals seem even more like the answer. Thanks again.