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ZR 2.0 geometry and opinions(7 posts)

ZR 2.0 geometry and opinionsdaneil
Aug 19, 2002 11:09 AM
I can get a great deal on a 2001 GT ZR2.0 with full 105 for $850. The only problem all of the lbs' that I know of that carried GT around me have parted ways with the manufacturer since the buyout. Therefore I have no way of test riding one of these beauties. My question is if anyone have anything to say about the bike (positive or negative) and gruppo and also I was wondering if anyone knew the angles and tube lengths for either a 50 or 52cm frame (I don't even know if it's measured c-t or c-t!). Thanks alot guys for all the help.

re: ZR 2.0 geometry and opinionsaliensporebomb
Aug 19, 2002 11:33 AM
My friend bought one of these with full Ultegra when they
were being blown out when the sale to Pacific was announced.

He's since put at least 400 miles on that since he got it
and he likes it a lot. It's a great bike. Light, and it
has Mavic Cosmos wheelset - very nice really.

For $850? A total steal.

The only negative he can come up with was the fact that
the Selle Italia XO seat has an embroidered seam where
the gel is (it's the genuine gel version) that gets a
bit irritating on the naughty bits on longer rides, but
swapping a saddle is no problem. Some people might even
like that saddle a lot.

As far as 105 goes:
I've got a full 105 group (double) on my own bike
(which is a Giant TCR2) and I have no complaints -
the group works very well although I suppose I could
upgrade to D-A or Ultegra someday.

Your only concern is if there's a problem with the frame
down the road. Replacement derailleur hangers aside, I'm
not sure if much could go wrong.

Here's a picture of my friend the night he got his new
re: ZR 2.0 geometry and opinionsmetty108
Aug 19, 2002 12:07 PM
I bought a ZR2.0 last year here in England
for £850 (rrp £1500), it is a totally
wicked bike, rides very nice and the front
end is very smooth, and the back is not too
harsh for aluminium. I have put some long rides
on it, including a couple of centuries with no
real discomfort. It climbs really well and is
rock solid on descents. I ride with a very elitist
club on a tuesday, the first time they took the piss
out of my bike (mtb frame rubbish etc) then a few of
them picked it up later and commented on how light
it actually was, and the opinion was it is a nice bike.
So my opinion is GO FOR IT, they are very good for the

re: ZR 2.0 geometry and opinionsTheKid
Aug 19, 2002 12:15 PM
I have a GT frame bought used. I was also wondering about the measurments. Got the info below from the Supergo sight.

GT Bicycle Geometry

Frame Size 50
Head Tube Angle 72.5
Seat Tube Angle 74.5
Top Tube Length 530
Bottom Bracket Height 268
Chainstay Length 410
Wheel Base 976.9
here's the rest of the build kit...daneil
Aug 19, 2002 12:43 PM
105 group or ultegra group
3T Mutant stem
FSA orbit headset
Pannaracer tires
cables and housing
Alloy post
SDG bel air seat
Modulo anatomic bars
105 kit will have wheels built with mavic cxp 21 rims, Ultegra kit will have velocity aero head or razor rims
I usually dont include pedals but I will throw in a set of exus E-12 pedals.

again it's $850 for the 105 and $1100 for thte Ultegra. I'll probably go for the 105 if I get this bike, unless you all can convince me that the Ultegra is worth the $250 for the Ultegra and velocity/razor upgrades.

here's the rest of the build kit...metty108
Aug 19, 2002 1:39 PM
If you can afford it I would go for the
ultegra, thats what i have on mine and I
am more than happy with it. just an idea
this, but if you decide to upgrade to Dura
Ace component by component the ultegra will
be a better compliment to DA performance wise
than the 105. I am not sure on the wheelset
though, never heard of them. Are they better
than the Mavics, if not could you get the
Mavics and ultegra for say $175 or so dollars.

re: ZR 2.0 geometry and opinionsKEN2
Aug 19, 2002 7:11 PM
I have the ZR 1 frame (very similar to ZR 2) with Ultegra/DA components, built it up myself from a closeout frame. I love the ride, but I'm pretty big at 6' 1"/190 lbs. and I ride the 58 cm. Handles great and it's very light... you don't mention the fork so I assume it's GT's carbon fork--that should help smooth the ride. I run the Reynolds Ouzo Comp. You're looking at a great deal!