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Question for those who ride 60+ mile in a day...(13 posts)

Question for those who ride 60+ mile in a day...Fez
Aug 19, 2002 6:35 AM
After reading the post about favorite length of ride, I was wondering when or if you guys rest at all during these longer rides.

I usually do 35-50 mile rides, all nonstop. Depending on intensity and the weather, I will eat and drink some combo of water, gatorade, fruit and powerbar/gel on the ride.

But to be honest, I feel pretty spent after 50 miles usually. The longest I have ever ridden was 70 miles, and the last 5 were less than pleasant.

So what is the secret to doing longer rides? Is it fairly frequent rest stops? Food other than energy bars? Or just better training to increase endurance?
Aug 19, 2002 6:48 AM
The only way to be comfortable doing long rides is to do lots of long rides. That's the only secret, and it's not much of a secret.

You'll figure out food, water, and rest as you go. Everyone is different, and it depends a lot on the terrain and temperature anyway. Ride lots and you'll figure it out. Take more than you need until you do, or bring money.

We like to route our hard long rides so we hit a store or two along the way. That way we don't have to carry all kinds of stuff.
Over 50 miles? I'll be planning to stop...biknben
Aug 19, 2002 7:02 AM
My stops are scheduled by the amount of water I have. On a longer ride I'll pound a water bottle before departing. I'll have two more on the bike. I won't drink for the first 45-60 minutes since I drank so much before starting. Once I start drinking, I'll have a bottle an hour. That leaves me empty after about 2.5-3 hours. At that point, unless I'm close to home, I'll stop and refill at a convenience store.
Don't stop muchRay Sachs
Aug 19, 2002 9:35 AM
When I do a full century, I'll usually stop twice for 15-20 minutes each time just to take a break, stretch, chill out, whatever. But for my more typical 60-80 milers, I'll usually stop as often as I have to to refill the water bottles and that's about it. I'll usually eat a clif bar or two on the bike and maybe a gu for the last 10-20 miles if I need it. I did 70 yesterday and only stopped for Gatoraid refills twice. Otherwise, just at traffic signals. It was too bloody hot to stop if I didn't have to - you get no breeze passing over your sweaty self when you stop.

Mostly, it just comes from riding a lot. And compared to some of the hard core folks on this board, I don't. But I ride enough that up to 80 miles is no big deal. That last 20 in a century always seems to hold surprises for me though.

I try to stop only once...MXL02
Aug 19, 2002 10:09 AM
on my 55 miler, I stop at half way, and for my 65 miler, I stop at 43 miles...these are where the convenience stores are. I say I am only stopping to refill my liquid refreshment, but especially after the 43 miles, I need to stop, stretch, and give my a$$ a break.

I think the other posters are correct, the more I ride, the farther I can go, with fluid being the limiting factor.
re: Question for those who ride 60+ mile in a day...Me Dot Org
Aug 19, 2002 10:20 AM
Well, you've got me beat. 30-35 miles is the most I ever do without stopping.

I like stopping every 20-25 miles, long enough to relax, but not long enough for my muscles to tighten up. I think the trick to hydrating is to constantly drink a little. You constantly sweat a little, right? So keep the energy flowing in at the same rate it is flowing out. I use traffic lights as a mini-stop to take a sip.

Nothing wrong with a bannana or a bagel with peanut butter and honey on a long ride. Carb up, keep your potassium.
re: Question for those who ride 60+ mile in a day...bear
Aug 19, 2002 12:20 PM
I stop after 25 to 35 to refill,,,I use two bottle every 25 to 30 miles and take a personal. I dont longer use water, only accelate or gator,( eat only one to two bars on a century now) that has made such a different on my riding,,I can do centuries without suffering at all. my last one I got lost and landed up doing 121 with out not only the carb and sugars but the sodium and potassiom that you need I think. if I eat solid food it make me feel clumpsy and heavy.
read everything hereDougSloan
Aug 19, 2002 12:20 PM
Here is a great website for training and doing longer rides, from centuries to RAAM. Very good, practical information.

I stop only to fill water bottles and call home if I'm late.dzrider
Aug 19, 2002 12:31 PM
My secrets to long riding are experience and pacing. Food, drink, and breaks are all learned through trial and error. You gotta put in the time and miles.

One goal on longer rides is to do the last hour faster than the first. Take off spinning easily and breathing through your nose. If you use a computer, use it to focus on keeping your speed down. After a while just keep riding and your pace will pick up without thinking much about it.
I agree with everyone. nmMB1
Aug 19, 2002 3:43 PM
I agree with everyone. nmRich_Racer
Aug 20, 2002 2:17 AM
Me too!

I think my stops are governed by water bottles too. I always take carb/electrolyte drinks for longer rides. Sometimes I'll take a little food too - malt loaf and bananas usually. I find a bottle lasts about 45 minutes so I have to stop about every 30 miles. I never rush to get going again though - always have a good stretch.

I think the key to doing long rides is to do more of them - well, building up to them.


Do you ride alone?cabinfever
Aug 20, 2002 4:35 AM
I would frequently ride alone on 20 to 35 mile rides. Because of the distance, I would keep the intensity pretty high. I don't have a heartrate monitor, so I would just do what felt good. I'd average between 18 and 19 mph. I know avg. speed isn't the end-all of measuring performance, but those are good averages nonetheless. Then, I began doing more group rides of distances up to 60 miles. There is a big difference. I noticed we would take longer to warm up, work in a paceline, and climb a bit slower knowing we were riding longer. And at the end, we would average about 18mph as a group. So, if you are riding by yourself, and pushing pretty hard, your 60 miles might be somewhat different from what a group ride might be like. My two cents.
just for the sake of being totally contrary...JS Haiku Shop
Aug 20, 2002 5:53 AM

another take: training for longer rides, my training rides have been 75-100 miles recently. i'll carry everything i need on my body or bike, including food and water. in fact, i've recently had enough to share electrolyte replacement bottles i've not used.

on saturday, i did a century with only what i carried on the bike. though i did refill approximately 36 ounces of water, the ride ended with one 3/4-full 32 ounce bottle of gatorade and one 24-ounce bottle consumed by a fellow rider.

what did i carry, and how?

100 oz water in camelbak blowfish

64 oz gatorade in 2 32-ounce magnum bottles (bottle cages)

48 oz gatorade in 2 24-ounce polar bottles (profile aqua rack)

6 clif bars, 4 luna bars, 3 power gels, 2 m&m canisters full of gatorade powder, 3 tubes, 8 co2 cartridges, mini pump/inflator, change of gloves, spare cycling cap, mini first aid kit, topeak alien, cellphone, crank bros speed lever, car keys, id & money, 2 cans of v8 juice, and aerobars, seat pack, computer, and a bell on the bike. oh, yeah--and lights: bar-mounted 12w with bottle cage-mounted battery, helmet-mounted 10w with battery pack in camelbak, spare commuter headlight (2.4 watt 4 AA-powered cateye), spare AA batteries, and hand-held flashlight...these were dropped after the first 40-mile loop.

kinda like swinging a weighted bat before your time in the cage, eh? i hope to cut this in half or third for the longer rides--they're supported.

personally i like to stop as infrequently as possible, TCB, and get back on the bike as quickly as possible. otherwise, the legs turn to stone and i get lazy.