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The care and breeding of Assos Bibshorts(3 posts)

The care and breeding of Assos BibshortsColnagoFE
Aug 19, 2002 5:50 AM
I was the fortunate recipient of a pair of Assos new F1.13 bibshorts for my b-day. My wife evidently didn't realize how much they cost until the guy at Excel rang them up. She nearly had a heart attack right there, but bought 'em anyway (bless her heart!). So my question is how delicate are these things anyway? With my Performance Elite shorts I just launder 'em normally and even dry them on low. Haven't seemed to have any problems. These Assos shorts come with a manual as long as a novel and recommend you use only Assos chamois creme on them. They also recommend just rinsing them post-ride and only actually washing them (hand wash or gentle cycle machine with Assos Fabric care stuff) every other ride. Anyone actually do all this? These things will be my special occasion bibs and as much as they cost I don't want to ruin them before absolutely neccesary. Do I really need to do all this? Is Dr. Naylors udder butter OK to use instead of the Assos stuff or should I just pony up for some of that high priced chamois lube? Assos makes some mention of chemical reactions with the chamois from using anything other than the Assos creme. What do ya think? By the way these things are pure indulgence. They fit great, softest lycra I've ever had on and the pad makes it feel like you're sitting on air (well I'm stretching the truth here a bit, but they are awfully nice). Assos designs them so they fit best in a cycling tuck. Funny how other manufacturers don't usually make them this way since this is the way you ride. I'll let you know how they hold up over the long haul. Another thing I found interesting is that they gaurantee them so if you crash and ruin 'em in 30 days from purchase you get another pair for half price (which is still the same $ as 2 pairs of Performance Elites though).
No worriesboneman
Aug 19, 2002 7:13 AM
I've have Assos bibs going back to the mid-80's and they're still in good shape. This includes both synthetic and real chamois. Machine wash in cool to cold water, delicate cycle and then air dried on a rack. No problems and never used the special Assos washing fluid. I do use the Assos chamois cream but on my butt and parts. I do use the Assos chamois cream on my bibs with real chamois. With the synthetic, I don't bother.
re: The care and breeding of Assos Bibshortscurlybike
Aug 19, 2002 8:53 AM
I have been using Ivory Snow Powder on cold, delicate cycle for all my cycling clothes, including Assos, and everything is lasting very well. Do not use any lube that is petroleum based as it may cause breakdown of the lycra. Chammy butter is good as is Nivea cream.