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Need info. on Litespeed Catalyst(11 posts)

Need info. on Litespeed Catalystpkompath
Aug 19, 2002 4:48 AM
Is it a good choice for $900. Shimano 600 group. Listed on ebay by bike shop. With the description and pict., can anyone guess what year it is?
re: Need info. on Litespeed Catalyst-LINK TO PICTURESpkompath
Aug 19, 2002 4:53 AM>
Average dealNessism
Aug 19, 2002 5:54 AM
The Catalyst/SR fork combo will be a very smooth riding setup. Great for backroad cruising and such but not the best for hard riding/racing in my opinion.

The price is only fair at $900. 8 speed Ultegra is quite functional but long in the tooth at this point. It wears out faster than some other groups also so durability is an issue.

Good luck.

re: Need info. on Litespeed Catalystohmk1
Aug 19, 2002 6:22 AM
I think its a 94
Not to spam the thread...jtolleson
Aug 19, 2002 6:59 AM
but I have a much newer Litespeed Catalyst I'm getting ready to sell. It is a 55 cm, and fork is carbon Look, not al. It is Ultegra (triple) with Mavic OP wheelset, Axial Pro tires, Flitedeck computer. It only has about 5000 miles. I built it in Jan. 99 and spent much of the next 4 seasons on crutches. I'm asking $900 (firm).

You don't have to buy my bike, but here's my two cents on the Catalyst. First, it was replaced in the LS lineup in 1999 with the Tuscany. It is a butted 3/2.5 ti. You can tell the eBay frame is older in part due to the cursive writing of the word "Catalyst." That was later changed to a more modern looking graphic similar to the way "Litespeed" is written.

The one odd thing about his description is that he calls it a 56. Litespeed frames in the 90s were (and maybe still are) odd sizes 51/53/55/57/59, not even. They are measured center-to-top.

I think his "Buy It Now" is a little high, especially since you don't know the quality life left in the gruppo... the only certainty is that you are buying a very good frame. I'd skip the buy it now and bid no more than $600 trying to find his reserve.

Good luck.
Not to spam the thread...jtolleson
Aug 19, 2002 7:00 AM
Not to spam the thread...-INTERESTEDpkompath
Aug 19, 2002 7:22 AM
What year? How close are to you WNC? Any crashes, accidental dropping? Is it a 2nd bike that you train on?
Not to spam the thread...-INTERESTEDjtolleson
Aug 19, 2002 8:26 AM
The frame is a 1998, which was the last of the Catalyst; it has never been crashed. It has been scuffed from transport (brake hoods, pedals) and the usual imperfections in decals, but never damaged.

I had a huge crash in 1998 and totalled my bike, and nearly me. I went out and bought the Litespeed, which I then used as my primary road bike for the 1999, 2000, and 2001 seasons. However, I spent the entire 2000 season on crutches, and my injuries really slowed down my road riding to less than 1500/yr. Anyway, the LS was always a little too long in the top tube. This spring I bought a Seven Axiom, and the LS has not been ridden at all since then.

My email is
PS I'm in Denver Colojtolleson
Aug 19, 2002 8:26 AM
YES (nm)pkompath
Aug 19, 2002 8:11 AM
I would agree with Nessism...RhodyRider
Aug 19, 2002 9:07 AM to the type of riding the Catalyst is most suited for. It is a comfy frame, both in geometry and ride quality. Will NOT win any stiffness awards, but in my case that is perfectly acceptable. For hard/long fitness riding, centuries, maybe even some Cat 5/4 racing, it'll do you fine. Mine is impeccably constructed, the welds are flawless and it is perfectly aligned. FWIW, I bought mine new in 1997 from Col. Cyclist, it was $1799 built with Shim 600 group, Mavic Reflex clinchers, and TTT bar/quill stem.
If you can get that one for near $600 on ebay, as per JT's advice, I think it would be a great deal.