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Worn lettering on rear tire. Wheels Flexing?(1 post)

Worn lettering on rear tire. Wheels Flexing?Citius
Aug 19, 2002 2:28 AM
The lettering on the side of my rear Vittoria Open Corsa is worn (scuffed). The lettering on the front tire is not. Both tires are the same age. Why is this?

A rider in my club thinks that this is due to the rear wheel flexing under load and rubbing the side of the tire against the frame, but this doesn't sound plausible to me.

I ride Shimano paired spoke WH-7700 wheels with first a Litespeed Ultimate and now a Trek OCLV 120, about 1000 miles on this set of tires with the Litespeed and about 400 with the Trek. I am a 200lb sprinter type who races on the flatlands where most finishes do come down to sprints. The Shimano wheels do feel rigid to me, and I have never felt them flex greatly under load, and certainly not to the extent of feeling them rub against the brake pads or the frame. Neither frame shows any evidence of the tire rubbing the inside of the chainstay. Anyone know why these letters are worn?