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Is the Fuji Team road bike a good choice?(8 posts)

Is the Fuji Team road bike a good choice?config
Aug 17, 2002 1:14 PM
I'm a mouse-click away from ordering one at Was wondering what I need to be aware of? Don't want to regret this purchase or end up upgrading parts or the entire bike later. Thanks in advance for the replies. This site has been so helpful.
Aug 17, 2002 3:36 PM
IMHO, those bikes are a good deal even at $1500. If Bikesdirect is still selling them for $1100 (they were a few weeks ago), that's an outstanding value.

For what it's worth, my first serious bike was a Fuji Team, way back in 1987. I raced it for two years, then felt I had to "upgrade" to something italian, but honestly, the Fuji was everything I needed in a bike.

Enjoy your new bike! :-)
Aug 18, 2002 4:22 AM
Since I am in Italy, probably by the time I leave (another 2 years), I might buy a nice Italian bike. With the Fuji I figure, I'll have something to compare it with. Thanks!
Also consider the MarseillesOffTheBack
Aug 17, 2002 3:45 PM
Same parts, same price, but the frame is 853 steel instead of aluminum.
Steel vs. AluminumBreakfast
Aug 18, 2002 8:38 AM
Both bikes, Team and Marseilles, have identical prices and are spec'd the same with the only difference being the frame material.

With the Team, you are not getting a carbon rear triangle like on the higher end Fuji frames so you're all aluminum. The Marseilles is steel and weighs 1.5 lbs more, no biggie really unless you're a lightweight guy who loves to climb. If you want a better road feel with steel compared to aluminum, the Marseilles is an option.

In this case, the Ultegra spec and Ritchey parts on a Fuji frame for $1095 is a good deal. There are better frames, I'm sure, but the Fuji is OK. The strength of this package is whether the Ritchey wheelset is what you want and if you want a basic aluminum or steel frame.
No, no,no...nohayaku
Aug 17, 2002 6:09 PM
Don't do it.

Less than one month after buying mine I started saving for a new frame. The fuji team is very, very flexable. I weigh 165lb so I'm not too heavy... pretty big, but not huge.

If you are a very light rider, it may be OK for you but check it out in person first. I know the feeling of regret that you are trying to avoid, be careful.

Another thing to think about is that the head tube is pretty short, I have a 56cm TT and the head tube is 12.5cm long. Unless you have very short legs, you will need a lot of spacers on a full carbon fork. Not only is that dangerous but it makes the flexability issue even worse.

If you want to race, look around some more.
Good luck though.
No, no,no...noconfig
Aug 18, 2002 4:36 AM
I wish I could check it out in person but I'm overseas (northern Italy). I'm tempted to buy an Italian bike but the prices (even for here) are pretty steep. Especially since the Euro is doing os well against our dollar. I want to stay < $1400 that's why I'm seriously considering the Fuji. I'm 165lbs as well and have put over 1000km on my MTB riding on the road so I decided to go ahead and buy a road bike. It's so nice riding over here in Italy. Motorists are so used to cyclists being on the road, they respect you and are more than willing to share the road.
What did you buy after your Fuji? I figure since this will be my first road bike, it'll be quite hard for it to be perfect and I'm most likely will leave Italy with a Colnago/Campy setup. Thanks for sharing your experience.
I'm still saving. :(hayaku
Aug 18, 2002 7:10 PM
That is one of the things, further leading to my dissapointment. I have ordered a custom steel bike from a manufacturer here in Japan but it takes time to arrive. I may be able to race it once this year... hopefully.

If you're in Italy, check out Gios bikes. They are really, really nice. I don't know how much they are in Italy though...

Good luck.