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Tales from the M.U.T.(3 posts)

Tales from the M.U.T.yeah right
Aug 16, 2002 2:43 PM
Little fun for friday...

A few friends and I went for a little ride on the local M.U.T. last night. We were good cyclists, and were careful, saying on your left, smiling, talking etc.

Anyway, all of the sudden, about 10 miles in the ride, a group of 20-30 rollerbladers come through, flying, probably 20-25 mph, and yelling like crazy to get out of their way. They were drafting each other maybe a foot apart, so they all had to move together, or else they'd hit each other with feet and arms.

And you thought cyclists were bad on the mut's? These guys don't even have breaks? Lots of walkers, little kids on bikes, and slower bike traffic were on the trail. Absolutely crazy, especially considering a biker was killed three weeks ago on the trail. It's amazing the human race has survived this far.

Have a good weekend all.
Two Words...Ball Bearingsjromack
Aug 16, 2002 5:45 PM
Not really, but it sure would be cool for a few minutes.

One thing about skaters is you can catch up to them.
Catching them is one thing, passing them is another.Spoke Wrench
Aug 17, 2002 7:00 AM
I frequently ride a rail-trail conversion that has a crushed limestone surface. It gets your bike dirty, but there's no rollerbladers.