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MTB guy with a Road Tire question(4 posts)

MTB guy with a Road Tire questionsanta cruz
Aug 15, 2002 1:02 PM
I live in Sea Otter country and put most of my miles in the hills on an MTB. About six months ago I purchased a Trek 5200 road bike to augment my dirt riding. I ride two road rides per week, about 32 miles per ride. The bike came with Continental Grand Prix 3000 tires. I run them at 105 PSI. After six months, the back tire has lost the round profile and the tread gone off the center of the tire. The sides still have the tread design on them. The front tire is like new. The back tire lost the round profile and has a bit of a flat look to it.

I'm 6 ft. 202lbs (240lbs a year ago) and I know I'm not your standard roadie... but the tire seems like it wore rather quickly. Two questions for the experts.

1. Is the wear I'm experiencing normal?
2. What type of tire do you guys recommend?
re: MTB guy with a Road Tire questionbrider
Aug 15, 2002 1:57 PM
That's normal wear on a rear tire. Actually, on mine you can even see the road camber in the tire wear.

For your weight, though, it seems your tire pressure is on the low side. I'd run them up to about 120psi.

I use a pretty wide variaty of tires, mostly Conty and Specialized.
Normal wear for a Clydesdale, but I'd use bigger tiresSilverback
Aug 15, 2002 2:07 PM
I'm about your size, and that doesn't strike me as unusual wear. For normal-sized guys like us, though, those 700x23 or so tires the midgets use aren't ideal. I use 32mm tires most of the time (they're actually only about 25mm wide), 35s for long rides on rough roads. The ride is much more comfortable and stable, I get longer tire life and if I'm slower, it's not enough to show consistently in my times. Probably if I were racing I'd stay with the skinnies, but mainly I'm just riding around....
re: MTB guy with a Road Tire questionpina
Aug 15, 2002 2:51 PM
I am your size also. I would consider your wear on the rear normal. Suggest you ride at 120 psi also. I use Vredstein and Velofex 23's. The Vredstein's are more durable and provide a nice ride also.