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Survey: Describe yourself as a cyclist....(33 posts)

Survey: Describe yourself as a cyclist....bcm119
Aug 15, 2002 12:45 PM
What type of ride do you excel in, a 120-mile flat ride, a 20-mile TT over rolling terrain, a hill climb, etc. What are your strengths? Weaknesses?
Will do it all good . . . no weaknesses. nmSimonRex
Aug 15, 2002 12:46 PM
except can't use clipless pedals(nm)rufus
Aug 16, 2002 4:44 AM
i'm weak in all rides, long, short, you name it. But ....curtybirdychopper
Aug 15, 2002 12:57 PM
i'm really good at the post-ride coffee and donuts.
Commute home to the bar.onespeed
Aug 15, 2002 1:01 PM
Strong climber, average everything elsefbg111
Aug 15, 2002 1:48 PM
In my month.5 of cycling, I've found I'm a pretty strong climber for a noob, decent at flats and sprints. Same with running, good climber, decent at flats and sprints. Something about seeing a hill just gets me going.
Same here (nm)Allen az
Aug 15, 2002 2:11 PM
me tooTomS
Aug 16, 2002 6:35 AM
I almost always pull away from people on climbs, but have trouble keeping up on sprints or descents most of the time. I think it's because I only weigh 130lbs and have no leg muscles :-)

Been riding on-and-off for years, just started really trying to improve late last summer and this summer, but didn't ride much last winter; this winter I'll try to keep riding and do some weight training to get stronger.
Twitchy, hairy-legged, blundering.Alex-in-Evanston
Aug 15, 2002 1:48 PM
Charter member of the OFGBC - Old Fat Guys Bicycle Club (nm)comedy-tragedy
Aug 15, 2002 2:37 PM
Restaurant to restaurant (nm)Spoke Wrench
Aug 15, 2002 2:39 PM
none of the abovelonefrontranger
Aug 15, 2002 2:52 PM
I excel at stage races, fast technical criteriums, long, flat TT's (>30K) and moderately rolling road races.

My primary weaknesses are uphill TTs and road races that contain what I call "stunt climbs" (climbs of 15% or more).

I would classify myself as a decent but not stellar sprinter and a good roleur (all-round rider). I suck at cyclocross but enjoy it in a masochistic sort of way.

My favorite guilty pleasure is watching the looks on the faces of pretentious Cat 4 joyboys on the LBS rides when they start a pissing war and I attack them on a sprint or climb, leaving broken tattered remnants in my wake. Did I mention I'm a girl?
none of the aboveBryanJL
Aug 15, 2002 3:02 PM
Hey LFR,

I think you're more of a GRRRRRRLLL than a girl. I mean by that a butt whoopin no-nonsense, hard workin' person.

And you let your riding speak for itself.

You go, GRRRRLLLL!!!

Ride on,

LOL. always a pleasure! (nm)JS Haiku Shop
Aug 16, 2002 5:01 AM
excel at nothing, enjoy most thingsyeah right
Aug 15, 2002 2:57 PM
except climbing steep grades...

seriously though, I doubt too many people 'excel' at too much here, or else you'd be paid to ride some discipline. the more i ride, the more i realize that i'm average, just like 80% of people who frequent boards like this, and I'm fine with that because that battle is with me anyway. any time you convince yourself you're good at this, unless you're cat 2 or better, you're probably in need of a good whooping to give you some perspective.
"excel" was a relative termbcm119
Aug 15, 2002 3:37 PM
I should've worded the question to ask what you are better at and what you are worse at. I don't care if you're Cat 1 or just getting into cycling; obviously everyone is at a different level. I just wondered how many people find they are better climbers than flat cruisers, sprinters than long distance riders, or, like lonefrontranger, fairly well rounded. Its amazing how a bunch of riders at roughly the same level can differ so much in what type of riding they are best at.
It seems like it all depends on what donut shop they're on their way to- and I thought it was physiological all this time...
Slow twich soul rider...n.m..koala
Aug 15, 2002 3:15 PM
re: Survey: Describe yourself as a cyclist....DCP
Aug 15, 2002 3:20 PM
I seem to excel at spending money on parts, clothing, and accessories.
Eccentric ... Pee Wee Herman with a competitive streak ...Humma Hah
Aug 15, 2002 4:09 PM
... I like to chase down other riders out of heck on a machine totally unsuited for the purpose.

Strengths: good endurance, flat rides up to 150 miles if you ain't picky about elapsed time. Also very good at very short, intense climbs.

Weaknesses: Lousy lungs, can't maintain a decent power level for very long. My sprints run out of steam to quickly to be competitive in track (I've tried). No way I'd be much of a racer.
You forgot to mention that you can't shift worth a darn. nmMB1
Aug 16, 2002 10:07 AM
Just like Lance. . .js5280
Aug 15, 2002 4:14 PM
but not as fast :-)

Strengths: no endorsements or contracts depending on my riding performance

Weaknesses: food, adult beverages, women, bills, compulsive posting on Road Bike and Mountain Bike Review Discussion boards
"Strong recreational" - non-racer...PdxMark
Aug 15, 2002 4:41 PM
Climbs... preferably miles long & 1000's of vertical feet.

Rolling centuries...

Hot weather

Putting jacket on/taking off on the fly

Pacing effort for double centuries

Descents... not too fast, please

Keeping my toes warm on cold wet rides

Chewing, chewing, chewing cliff bars
unlikely but willing ... NmSpirito
Aug 15, 2002 4:41 PM
re: Survey: Describe yourself as a cyclist....weiwentg
Aug 16, 2002 1:21 AM
strengths: climbing. sprinting (this relative to my weight). roleuring.
so-so: TTs.
weaknesses: bike handling, descents.
Decent sprinter.............Soultrain
Aug 16, 2002 2:15 AM
TT rider,if I ever get into race shape I might even be a good climber.
at handling surges in the pack and covering breaks.
bike handling skills.
in close quarters with others at speed.

Not so Good-
at long rides due to lack of conditioning.
at descending
at losing
The bicycle is my religion and riding is going to church. nmJuanmoretime
Aug 16, 2002 7:02 AM
decent climber, weak everywhere else..dotkaye
Aug 16, 2002 8:49 AM
liked LFR's description of 15% plus grades as 'stunt climbs'.. not very good at those, good at grinding out long ascents, probably a hangover from years of running. Cowardly descender, weak on flats and no sprint to speak of. Lousy bike handling skills. Lucky the only thing I race is triathlons..
re: Survey: Describe yourself as a cyclist....Rode Warrior
Aug 16, 2002 9:01 AM
I excell at commuting, and having fun riding my bike.

Mostly I just try to keep up with the wife.MB1
Aug 16, 2002 10:14 AM
Although I occasionally enjoy wearing out younger fellas.

If it can be done on a bike I'll likely do it.
Love riding in the dirt on road bikes.
Snow, I'm there.
I can attest to that (both keeping up & being worn out). nmLen J
Aug 16, 2002 10:38 AM
obsessed also-ranDougSloan
Aug 16, 2002 10:20 AM
If I had more time, I'd ride 150 miles per day and have 25 bikes, race every weekend and do RAAM, FC508, PBP, etc., all in the same year. But, I don't.

My strengths are endurance and sprinting. Mediocre at everything in between. So, basically I can win a sprint for 9th place at the end of a 500 mile race.

re: Survey: Describe yourself as a cyclist....PEDDLEFOOT
Aug 16, 2002 10:30 AM
re: Survey: Describe yourself as a cyclist....PEDDLEFOOT
Aug 16, 2002 11:44 AM