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How many saddles?(18 posts)

How many saddles?PEDDLEFOOT
Aug 15, 2002 4:36 AM
How many saddles did you try before settling on the one you now use?Is it the one you'll always ride or are you still searching for the "perfect one"?
re: How many saddles?Juanmoretime
Aug 15, 2002 4:57 AM
I have never sat on a saddle I didn't like and have road many, I do like some better than others. My current set up is an Selle SLR on the road and a Selle Flite Gel on my Santa Cruz Superlight. My I like about my current saddles are ; the SLR requires break in time, once broke it the ride is excellent. Another plus is as I've gotten older, my inner thighs are now larger, the SLR doesn't have any sides for my thighs to rub on. The flite gel on my SL; even though it's full suspension, when riding off road, anything to help soften the ride my old back appreciates.

Will I stick with these forever, no. I will always try something that has the reputation for being better.
I try others at timesgrandemamou
Aug 15, 2002 5:17 AM
but always come back to my old favorites. Tri-matic gel on the AL and Turbomatic on steel.

Take a good look at the pros you see alot of them riding old school Turbomatics,Trimatics and Rolls.
turbo 3.colker
Aug 15, 2002 7:15 AM
tried many saddles. flite and the avocet 02 hurt me in the perineum. san marco regal is nice but a bit too soft and too big. the turbo is firm, slim and the shape is beautifull.
re: How many saddles?tarwheel
Aug 15, 2002 6:05 AM
Last winter and early spring, I went on a buying spree in my search for the perfect saddle. I bought most of the saddles for reduced prices on eBay or through rec.bicycles list serve on google, as there was no way I could afford to do this paying full retail. The saddles were all used but in very good shape, except for the TransAm and Fly. Unfortunately, the same saddle won't necessarily work on different frames. One of the best saddles I tried was the San Marco Regal ti, but I can't use it on my Gios frame because the rails aren't long enough to achieve the proper knee-over-pedal position with the steep seat tube angle. Fortunately, I was able to use the Regal on my old Bianchi, which has a more relaxed geometry. Although everyone's butts are different, here are my ratings for various saddles:
-- Selle Italia Trans Am Max -- I bought this new and it worked great for a while, but eventually rubbed me the wrong way and caused saddle sores. Although I like the cutout, the main part of the seat is too flat and doesn't slope off enough for me.
-- SI Max Flite Gel -- same shape as the Trans Am, same problems, except more numbness without the cutout in middle.
-- Terry Fly Ti -- Similar shape and size as the regular SI TransAm (that is, narrower than the Max), but more padded. A little too narrow for me and too soft. I kind of sunk into it and got a lot of numbness. Terry has a 30-day return policy, so I got my money back.
-- San Marco Regal Ti -- A beautiful classic saddle with exposed rivets. Although firmer than the other saddles I mentioned, the shape just fits my rear better -- it's wider than the SI and Terry saddles, but slopes off more on the sides. If not for the short rails, I would put this saddle on all my bikes. Unfortunately, it's hard to find the plain black leather version any more, as one of the main suppliers (excelsports) is only stocking the ugly version with stitching all over the top now.
-- Brooks Swift Ti -- Another beautiful classic saddle in solid leather with exposed copper rivets. Heavier than the others mentioned, but very light for a leather saddle. Comfortable, but unfortunately has very short rails, making it hard to achieve proper knee-over-pedal position unless your frame has a relaxed seat tube angle.
-- Lepper Voyager -- Another solid leather saddle that is sold at Harris Cyclery and a few other places. This one is a keeper and is the most comfortable saddle I have tried. The ti rail version is lighter than the Brooks Swift and not much heavier than many nylon & leather saddles. The rails on this saddle are very long, so it's easy to adjust. My only problem is that the previous owner (I bought it used) apparently treated the leather with Neetsfoot oil or something similar, which causes the leather to stretch, so I have to keep tightening the tension bolt all the time. Or perhaps I'm just too heavy for it.
pretty happy nowColnagoFE
Aug 15, 2002 6:19 AM
Probably went through 2-3 saddles before settling on the Flites and the SLR as good fits for my butt.
Aug 15, 2002 6:34 AM
the shop that sold me my first good road bike at age 15 set me up with a Concor. 18 years later that's still what I have on all my bikes.
re: How many saddles?No_sprint
Aug 15, 2002 6:40 AM
Took about 4 or 5 and I've finally decided. After, Vetta, San Marco, Flites, a couple others, I'm ready to change all my roadies to the SLR. After 700 miles, that thing is twice as comfy as my Flites.
Selle Flite on all three of my rides-2 black, 1 color.onespeed
Aug 15, 2002 6:47 AM
Never tried anything else.

I figure if it isnt broken, why fix it.
Tried quite a few over the yearsdzrider
Aug 15, 2002 6:55 AM
There was less to choose from in 1980 when I started. After a few years and, I think, three saddles I settled on San Marco Concor and have pretty much stayed with them since. I've tried a Concor Lite, Terry Ti Fly, and FiZik Pave in the past few years and each time went back to the old school Concor. I'll use them as long as I can find them even if I have to use a white, perforated one.
Got a box full in the garage, but I ride three B-17s & a Procory
Aug 15, 2002 7:18 AM
I've probably tried at least a couple of dozen over the years. Of the four bikes I actually ride, though--a roadie, MB, single-speed and beater/mud bike--three have Brooks B-17s and one has an old Brooks Pro.
maybe my ass is blessed .....Spirito
Aug 15, 2002 8:19 AM
or maybe ive always picked a saddle that has been comfortable as i have never really had trouble in this dept.

in order of use since "the beginning":

cinelli unicantor
selle san marco turbo
selle san marco rolls
selle italia flite
selle san marco regal

now riding a regal as its both comfortable for me and looks just like i want a saddle to look. after a while i finally figured what angle suits me best as this has been the only thing for me to "dial" in with regard to fit. i have also learnt that a good short is half the equation.

i still dont know what them cutouts are all about.

Aug 15, 2002 8:56 AM
no-name plastic/vinyl (eurgh)
terry men's fly
ritchey vector

Settled on Flite TI, would like to try SLR next, or maybe the San Marco Regal, depends which I can find on sale. The Flite is pretty good though, comfortable even when riding with aerobars. Most of the other saddles were OK for riding on the hoods or drops, but did awful things to me when on the aerobars..
Aug 15, 2002 9:13 AM
Flites on all bikes
re: How many saddles?rbb
Aug 15, 2002 10:01 AM
i've tried quite a few over the past 8years. I've recently come to settle on the turbomatic3(or 2,same thing). I rode a flite for awhile and didn't know what i was missing, now i can ride all day and still want to ride the next day, the turbomatic has been a blessing to my ass and i thank god for it every ride. I just put one on my cyclocross bike and am looking around for one to put on the mountain bike. I just ordered a SLR for the track bike, so we'll see what that's about.

Strange that Gel Saddles are not ComfortableMaartin
Aug 15, 2002 12:51 PM
Soft gel does not make for a better saddle. My favorite is still the Selle Italia TI Flite which is probably one of the most popular.
Four ...Humma Hah
Aug 15, 2002 4:13 PM
... the cruiser started with the stock Schwinn cruiser seat, wide, not very sturdy.

When I broke it, I put on a heavier, wider, more padded seat that was very comfortable. Ripped the cover off of it and never got around to fixing it.

The replacement was a very hard plastic roadbike seat, very much like the Real Man seat featured on the Sheldon Brown cycling humor website.

Then I found the Schwinn SoftSeat Plus on it now. A narrow roadbike seat, nicely padded, sprung like a cruiser seat or a Brooks B66. My backside fell in love at first touch.
Aug 19, 2002 9:15 AM
Had an SLR which wasn't too bad but started to hurt after an hour. Have just changed to San Marco Rolls and it is far better, nice firm padding. Can ride all day now so well worth the 3 fold weight penalty