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Tanning and tanning beds(4 posts)

Tanning and tanning bedsPODIUMBOUNDdotCA
Aug 14, 2002 5:58 PM
Out of curiousity why do tanning beds allow people who normally never tan outside (myself included) actually get somewhat of a tan?

chickens on a spitrob45
Aug 15, 2002 6:33 AM
ever notice how chickens --normally all white -- look so nice and brown after spinning around a spit over a fire for a few hours. Same principle...
"No such thing as a healthy tan," says my dermatologistcory
Aug 15, 2002 7:25 AM
What do you mean, "never tan outside?" You mean you go straight to a sunburn, or what? My dermatologist riding buddy says the only possible mechanism for what you're talking about is that the exposure on the tanning bed is small enough that you stop before you get to that stage, and that you could do the same thing in the sun if you didn't stay out long enough to burn. And he warns very forcefully that NO tan is "healthy" or "safe"--there's a degree of damage every time you get into the sun OR a tanning bed. Doesn't keep me from riding, but I do remember the sunscreen a little more often these days.
re: Tanning and tanning bedsdivve
Aug 17, 2002 3:31 AM
Tanning beds radiate predominantly UV-A rays. The sun on the other hand radiates a much higher degree of UV-B, which is of a higher energy content and penetrates deeper into the skin.