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What bike/frame warranty claims have you made?(13 posts)

What bike/frame warranty claims have you made?PdxMark
Aug 14, 2002 12:37 PM
What was the problem? What make & model of bike? How well was the problem fixed?

I had a problem with a Klein Stage Comp. The screw that goes through the downtube to hold the cable guides/barrel adjusters stripped out, leaving the cables hanging loose. The screw was amazingly small diameter (eg size 4 or 6). It ended up causing a crash, but I attribute that to me stupidly trying to ride the bike.

Anyway, Klein covered the repair through a LBS very well, even though the bike was a couple yrs old at the time.

Any other stories?
Aug 14, 2002 12:53 PM
After about a year, I cracked a Look. The crack was on the headtube right below the downtube-luckily it didn't cause a crash. Took it back to LBS. Look rep didn't have the right model in stock, so offered to upgrade for free to next model. One happy Look customer!
Which Look?DCW
Aug 14, 2002 4:45 PM
Which model cracked? Any explanation?

Which model for the replacement? How's the new one holding up?
Which Look?rob45
Aug 15, 2002 6:41 AM
this was a while ago--early 90s. it was the kg66. No explanation for the crack--noticed by because it gave the sensation of a loose headset, so a real crack. They replaced it with the 76, the Hinault model. I raced the 76 for about 4 years, then hung it up as "art". Dusted it off last year and noticed it was still in good condition. Built it up with some extra bits lying around and still take it out for some long spins.
re: What bike/frame warranty claims have you made?robbz27
Aug 14, 2002 1:39 PM
Dropped the top bearing on my 99 Quantum Pro resulting in no steering and an eventual elongated head tube cup.

Sent it back to Trek and got credit towards my current 5900.
re: What bike/frame warranty claims have you made?xcandrew
Aug 14, 2002 1:54 PM
Maybe not relevant now since these things happened a long time ago...

'87 Trek 1500 (bonded Al) when these bikes were still new technology. Right forktip of Al fork broke after a few months still in '87 (fatigue failure). Fork was replaced with a Vitus 979 fork very poorly painted (streaked thin spots) yellow to match. Didn't take too long, maybe a week or two? No charge for assembly/disassembly. Decent LBS in Los Gatos, CA... the place where I bought the bike in Palo Alto was no longer a Trek dealer at the time.

A year later, the right rear dropout broke (also fatigue failure... neither break happened at a bond). This one was a major pain. I was now living in LA going to college. The shop that I took the bike to said that they would charge for disassembly, so I did it myself except for the bb and headset because I didn't have the tools at the time. The shop didn't work hard for me even though it was a legitimate warranty case. After two months, they still had not gotten a replacement from Trek and I had to go home for the summer without my bike, which majorly sucked since I was racing a lot at the time but didn't have any money to get a new bike (which would have been dumb to do anyway with a free replacement coming). Half a year later I got the new frame and fork (fork now a different design from the Al one on my original frame) though the shop had lost my bb and hs... it's probably a good idea to keep the parts yourself in a warranty situation. I still have and ride the bike and it's decent though.

Also in the '80s, my brother's Peugeot broke and he got a replacement frame for it pretty quickly.
re: What bike/frame warranty claims have you made?desert-rider
Aug 14, 2002 2:23 PM
I've had two warranty claims in the past few years....both mnt bike, but applicable since the companies also sell road bikes...

1) Snapped the head-tube clean off an aluminum GT during a race. Luckily, was going uphill at the time, so the wreck was minor. Even though the frame was ~4 yrs old, LBS took care of the warranty, and I had a new frame from GT w/in 2 wks.

2) Broke through both chain stays on a Specialized FSR (2yrs old). Same LBS warrantied through Specialized, and I had a new swing-arm on in 1.5 wks.

Needless to say, when I was looking for another road bike, I went straight to the same bike shop. But hopefully, I will never bring in a road frame in two pieces....
Aug 14, 2002 3:41 PM
I bought a Raleigh that was a steel/titanium frame used from a friend. He had bought it w/o a warranty as it was a "closeout". I was "jra" (really!) when the chain stay on the drive side snapped like a twig. I figured that I was sc$%wed but took it to the shop just to show it to them. The owner said that he'd show it to the Raleigh rep-he was sure that he would make good on it. Sure enough, they got me a new R700 frame. All that I had to buy was the fork (I got a different sized frame-other wise they would have included the fork)and pay for the build. Not a bad deal!
Aug 14, 2002 3:54 PM
About 10 years ago after I quit racing,I broke the right chainstay on my old Nishiki team bike, a Tange steel frame. I think everyone on the team eventually broke theirs. My LBS got it warrantied, no questions asked, on a frame that probably had more than 20,000 miles of training and Cat 1/2 racing, plus had a bunch of non-factory braze-ons added.

Right now I'm negotiating warranty on a Bianchi frame. My LBS is on my side but things are progressing slowly. We'll see how it comes out.
re: What bike/frame warranty claims have you made?flybyvine
Aug 14, 2002 9:40 PM
I've had a bunch of Campag claims which have all be OK but my current problem is with an 8mth old C40. The right seat stay appears to be separating from the rear dropout (well thats what it looks like).

The paint around the bond has flaked off & there was a heap of white powder bvelow (either filler or corroded Alu). I can't feel any movement yet but... The other side is just starting as well.

Contacted Colnago through the local dist about 2 mths back & still no answer.

The wife WAS getting an Ovalmaster but now we're looking at a Merlin (my other ride), Lightspeed or even an Airborne. Go with the lifetime warranty from a manufacturer that actually gives a damn about their reputation. No more Colnagos for me (even though I love the ride). Some may say that Italian's know how to build bikes but Americans know how to sell em & keep em sold (spoken with distinct Australian accent).
re: What bike/frame warranty claims have you made?Mike P
Aug 15, 2002 3:19 AM
I had a Raleigh R800 I bought new in 2000. A couple months ago, cleaning the bike, I noticed the right side chainstay had a crack almost completely around the tube. It made me sick; I loved that bike. I had around 12,000 miles on the frame. I took it to my LBS, the Raleigh Rep checked it out and they gave me a new frame. It was not the same frame but I feel the LBS and Raleigh went out of their way to get me back on a bike.

re: What bike/frame warranty claims have you made?Pygme
Aug 15, 2002 6:02 AM
1998 Trek 8000 MTB frame. I rode it for two years and never put water bottle cages on it. (used a camelbak) I decided to put cages on it but the brazeon was stripped. The whole bolt would turn the whole brazeon.

Trek told the LBS to cut it out but the brazeon fell into the down tube. LBS was not able to get it out-even through the BB and headtube. Trek told the LBS to put tape over the hole and they would send a tool to pull it out. The tool came and the LBS removed the tape covering the hole. That took the paint off the frame. The tool did not work to pull the brazeon out of the frame. Trek decided that they would touch up the paint and glue the brazeon in the downube so it would not rattle. I told Trek that was unacceptable and they asked me what color 2000 frame I wanted.

Case closed.
re: What bike/frame warranty claims have you made?CT1 Guy
Aug 15, 2002 11:26 AM
In my opinion warranties are a makers excuse / acceptance of poor quality control and frankly a lot of them aren't worth the paper their written on - why not just produce a product that works - end of problem. I've seen so many posts about people justifying the premium price for the suppossedly lifetime warranty - why don't you read the damn thing - everythings usually at your expense and at their discretion.