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Outrageous incident involving Harley rider and cyclist...(51 posts)

Outrageous incident involving Harley rider and cyclist...cabinfever
Aug 14, 2002 4:11 AM
Last night, I'm driving home from a friend's house. We had just finished a nice ride in some oppressive heat. As I'm driving home, I'm behind a minivan, and in front of two Harley's. The minivan comes upon a cyclist who is pulled way over to the right edge of the road, knowing there is traffic behind him. The van won't go by him because there is also oncoming traffic, even though there was plenty of room. Finally, the van goes around the bike, I go by and give him a friendly toot of the horn (lightly) after I go by him, and he waives back at me as he sees my bike in the back of my truck. I look in my rearview, and one of the Harley riders comes up behind the cyclist, very close to him, and smacks his tricep to make him remove a hand from the bar, or worse...crash. The cyclist maintained control.

I immediately pulled over, extended my hand out the window, and showed the Harley rider that I thought he was number one as far as my middle finger was concerned. I shouted to the cyclist, "I'll try to get his plate number and call the police with it!" Then, I follow the guy at about 70mph (in a 45 zone) to get his plate, but it became too dangerous, and he appeared to have some tinted material over his license plate.

I was completely pissed off the rest of the night knowing that there are A-holes in this world like that. If I see him again, I may just run him over.
re: Outrageous incident involving Harley rider and cyclist...koala
Aug 14, 2002 4:18 AM
If you ever see the bike unattended just carve" be nice to cyclists" in his gas tank...
May have a Ford emblem in his forehead if I see him again (nm).cabinfever
Aug 14, 2002 4:42 AM
Unbelievable what a**holes are out there!jtferraro
Aug 14, 2002 4:22 AM
That was really nice of you to help the cyclist and I'm glad he maintained control.

Outrageous, indeed. n/m.Steve_0
Aug 14, 2002 4:23 AM
of all people,...JS Haiku Shop
Aug 14, 2002 4:32 AM
you'd think a motorcyclist would be sympathetic and go out of their way to share the road. then again, idiots are everywhere. i delayed behind a harley rider that answered his cellphone (handheld, half-helmet) at a stoplight, as it turned green. of course you know, it takes both hands--one to clutch and one to give it gas. he chose the clutch, so we could go about as fast as first gear. :)
Not all Harley riders are A HOLES!Juanmoretime
Aug 14, 2002 4:37 AM
Using the term individual on a motorcycle would be more appropriate, I'm not the PC police. I do ride a Harley and whether I'm on my Harley, car or one of my bicycles, I always go out of my way to help a cyclist that is stopped or appears to be in need of help. Being a Harley rider you meet al types, now days Harley's are a realatively price toy, you find almost more white collar people on them than you do thugs. Unfortunately, it only takes one jerk to make the rest of us appear in a bad light.
That was never implied...cabinfever
Aug 14, 2002 4:44 AM
My father rides a Harley Heritage Softail Classic, and would never do something like that to somebody. This guy truly was a "Harley rider". He was on a Sportster 1200. If he was on a Honda Nighthawk, I would have specified that too. In fact, when it came time to describe him, I didn't say he was a "Harley riding A-Hole", but simply an "A-Hole". It was more a result of my trying to get his exact description than trying to generalize about Harley riders. Some of the nicest people on earth ride Harleys.
...White collar thugs...Steve_0
Aug 14, 2002 4:47 AM
those white-collar types are part of the reason mcycles are regaining a bad rep.

Bikes used to be purchased by enthusiasts; those who grew up with bikes and/or learned the proper way to handle one via MSF, etc.

Nowadays, its trendy to own an $18,000 piece of 1968 technology; so every punk lawyer with an extra 18k owns one, complete with straight-pipes and plastic nazi-wannabe helmets.

Lots more opportunties for jerks to own them now.
in 1968cyclopathic
Aug 14, 2002 5:59 AM
you could get a decommissioned WWII surplus Harley (never ridden, separate parts packed with grease in box) for 50$. Sorry no chrome and one ugly color, still
...White collar thugs...Juanmoretime
Aug 14, 2002 8:33 AM
Well, I do own a Harley and wear a suit and tie to work every day. I guess I'm a white collar thug. I've been riding Harleys for over 27 eyars and all my riding friends are C.E.O.'s attorneys, doctors and other professionals. We don't act like thugs, no tattoo's, no attitudes, shower daily, short hair, no facial hair and just seem to like riding old technology. We do dress ocassionally in leather, which the wife kind of likes, especially when I walk into the bedroom wearing my chaps alone. Cyclist seem to dress the part too. I've seen more want to be's amoung cyclist than motorcyclist. Cyclist will dress head to toe like Lance and even own "his" (TREK) bike. Hey guys, lets not stereo type because someone has an interest in something that is not in alignment with out interests.
Besides I do not see many hardcores on SportysPhatMatt
Aug 14, 2002 5:32 PM
Where I live you do not see many hard core Harley riders on the Sporty's. The seem to stay to the Dynas and Softtails. Speaking of Harlesy as any one seen the 100th ann. Screamin Eagle Duce. That is true bike lust.

2000 FXST Softail for this thug! Roadking on the way. nmJuanmoretime
Aug 14, 2002 5:43 PM
I am green with envyPhatMatt
Aug 14, 2002 5:48 PM
I just bought my first house about a year ago. I get to take taht plunge in about 3 years, current ridee is a 1990 Honda Shadow. Not the Harley but an ok ride. It beats driving the truck.

It's one of the few positive benefits of aging! nmJuanmoretime
Aug 15, 2002 1:46 AM
Yes they are!!!!........just kidding...nmeschelon
Aug 14, 2002 5:46 AM
report to police anywayscyclopathic
Aug 14, 2002 4:37 AM
also the write down what you remember about Harley rider and his bike. There're not that many of them and they usually hang out in the same spots. Police isn't likely to take any action unless it is recurring and guy gets caught for something else.

On a side note many bike riders I know also ride/rode bicycles and they are friendly. However the % of A-holes amongst Proud Harley Owners seems unusually high.
I did...cabinfever
Aug 14, 2002 4:46 AM
Actually, I called the Police from my cell phone and told them that the biker pushed the cyclist and told them what direction he was going. And, after seeing the cyclist's face, I knew him, and called him afterward. He was contacting the local PD as well. Thanks for the suggestion.
I typically get the opposite reactionB2
Aug 14, 2002 4:42 AM
from motorcycle riders. Sometimes it's almost like they didn't notice that I don't have a motor and I get he "secret handshake" or something. Even the really hard core moto-bikers seem to be very friendly and generally offer a greeting. I guess there's got to be a few bozos in every group. Glad nobody was hurt.

Creatures of Habit...jromack
Aug 14, 2002 4:44 AM
People tend to use the same route home at the same time of day.

You'll probably run into this mouth breather again.

Where do you live? Post the city and a description of the bike/biker here.

Let me guess:

Black Harley
Guy with grey hair and a beard
Guy has a big gut
Wearing bandana with a skull on it
Actually, no. Here is a description and location though...cabinfever
Aug 14, 2002 4:50 AM
As much as many Harley riders tend to look similar, your description matches my father perfectly and many of his friends. Nicest guys in the world. This guy was younger, red hair, red beard, blond bimbo on the back. There were actually two Harley's, both looked like Sportsters. One had the fork raked way out like a chopper, and both were shades of red. It occurred in Richmond, Massachusetts on Swamp Rd./Barker Rd. They were traveling North. If anyone knows Pittsfield/North Adams/Williamstown, it is in that general area.
Western Mass residenthulksmash
Aug 14, 2002 6:34 AM
Not that I'm in touch with a huge crowd of Harley riders, but I have a few friends that ride. That and Northampton is a big draw for motorcycles on the weenend. They're usually parked in front of one of the coffee shops. If I see a Sportster manned by a red headed/red bearded moron I'll get his plate.
Thanks, but there are probably 1,000s of them. nm.cabinfever
Aug 14, 2002 7:14 AM
blond bimbo on the back...jromack
Aug 14, 2002 6:58 AM
That explains a lot. He was showing the expense of an innocent cyclist.

What a big tough man.
Yeah, I wouldn't have minded them as a tailgate ornament. nm.cabinfever
Aug 14, 2002 7:15 AM
RE: cyclicts be careful!!!k2biker
Aug 14, 2002 4:51 AM
Here in Atlanta we have had a few bad accidents in the last 2 weeks involving cyclists and cars and even a scooter. It has brought to light that we are sometimes not as cautious as we need to be....crossing the middle line, not staying on our lines, etc.

Let's all remember the basics and above all, be careful out there. Good thing the rider mentioned above didn't lose control.

My Story from last nightDragon33
Aug 14, 2002 5:36 AM
I was riding home taking it very easy because it was that kind of day (HR 120, 18MPH) when a Mercedes SUV about side swiped me the laid on the horn (plenty of road no reason to even be in the right lane). Well I looked up saw the light was red and decided it was sprint time I chased to the light just as I got there the vehicle turned and so did I just to see where it would go (left to the first development). I caught the vehicle pulling up to a house and when the driver got out it was a kid (16 or 17) so I got the parents and warned them that if he had infact hit me or anybody he would be charged with something similiar to "attempted murder with ad deadly weapon" assuming nobody got killed.
Guess what? They really didn't seem to care. Just watch your back while you are on the road and ride defensively.
There are all kind out there and they learn at an early age.
report to policecyclopathic
Aug 14, 2002 6:05 AM
maybe if guy looses license and/or parents get sued they'd change attitude
They will never change their attitudes...Slowclimber
Aug 14, 2002 1:13 PM
In fact they would more than likely blame the cyclist for causing their problems. Even if he was charged with assult with a deadly weapon they would blame the cyclist because their poor inocent child would never do something like that.

They never learn and the childs attitude is probably reflective of their parents. Where else do children learn from?
Where is the house? Be a shame if anything bad happend roadie
Aug 14, 2002 6:27 AM
At least you have a good fake adress to use on porno website regestrations now.
That happens sometimes...jromack
Aug 14, 2002 7:06 AM
Girl cut me off a few years ago, sounding the horn and swerving to "scare me". I watched her turn into a development which was a series of dead end streets. I was able to find her car/house.

I first contacted the police, but they didn't seem to care.

The internet was quite helpful getting her name and phone number doing a reverse search from the address.

I gave her a few suprises from pizza deliveries to having insurance salesmen and realtors stop by. My favorite was having a taxi stop by at 4:30 AM and knocking on the door.

I guess it was wrong to do this, but it sure felt good!
That happens sometimes...aliensporebomb
Aug 14, 2002 10:36 AM
The mature adult in me says that I shouldn't enjoy what
you just posted, but the wronged cyclist in me is laughing
like a maniac.

LOVE IT! I suppose you could subscrobe her to bizzarre
magazines (Bondage Quarterly?) or the like.

Or maybe order questionable merchandise (embarassing perhaps?)
to her COD. Heh.

I think they are ordering 27 pizzas tonight, no? Ha Ha. nm.cabinfever
Aug 14, 2002 7:17 AM
Sorry, don't buy itcyclopathic
Aug 14, 2002 11:02 PM
most Pizza outfits use caller ID

signing up for "Pot Daily" or adult magazines would get boy in trouble, wouldn't it?
parents and kids are so screwed up nowadayskenyee
Aug 14, 2002 10:50 AM
If it were my kid, he would have lost driving privileges for a month or two.

Scary part is that kid is going to grow up and have more kids that will treat other people like crap. :-(
re: Outrageous incident involving Harley rider and cyclist...zero1
Aug 14, 2002 6:09 AM
I ride a harley and also have been bicycling for 20+ years...not all motorcycle riders are bad...must have been a r.u.b.(rich urban biker)
Hell Angelsbic
Aug 14, 2002 6:26 AM
In the 60's my parents where out west on vacation. The car broke down in the middle of no where. Standing on the side of the road waiting for someone to come buy thet see a bunch of motorcyclists coming. When they pull up they are in full colors. Every bad thought my dad could think went throuh his mind. Turned out they had the tools to fix what ever was wrong and were more then helpful. You just never know.
Hell Angels - brings back a funny memory...cabinfever
Aug 14, 2002 7:51 AM
Your story brought back memories. My father rides a hog. Years ago, before he had one, a Hell's Angels rider broke down in front of our house. My father offered the guy his nice tool chest full of Snap-On tools to help him fix the thing. In the meantime, my dad went back in the house. A van pulled up, and the back doors open. In goes the bike, the rider, and the toolchest. My father was thinking he'd seen the last of his tools. A couple of hours later, back comes the van and tools. The rider wanted to clean the tools up because he had gotten a bunch of grease on them while using them. You're never know.
This point has been made. Sorry for the generalization...cabinfever
Aug 14, 2002 7:48 AM
I submitted the original post, and have stated that my own father rides a Harley. He and his friends are a great bunch of guys. Since, I've also defended other Harley riders.
re: Outrageous incident involving Harley rider and cyclist...rbb
Aug 14, 2002 6:23 AM
I was once harassed by a whole gang of bikers(about 30 or so)! They seemed the real sleazy bunch of thugs, all ripped dirty clothing, some no helmets- almost something from the movies!! I was out by myself on a not too traveled road and they came up from behind and where trying to grab me and yelling at me. It was scary as hell as i was only a 15 year old scrony(sp?), thin cyclist wearing lycra!! That was about 6 years ago and I've never had anything like that happen again(thank god!!)!! I didn't report it or anything, cause i was scared and young. It was intense.
Scary things happen out on the road-BE CAREFUL!
What IS the difference between a Harley and a Hoover?mtnpat
Aug 14, 2002 6:40 AM
...the location of the dirtbag!

probably yuppie scum, what a luzer

Q: are cyclists in general supposed to wave to motorcyclists? nmET
Aug 14, 2002 7:46 AM
Not sure. Hell, I can't even get fellow bikers to waive...cabinfever
Aug 14, 2002 7:56 AM
I look the part, and ride the part. I wear whatever cheap lycra shorts I found as a closeout on Campmor, and a Pearl or Bellwether jersey. I ride a nice bike with good components. I bust my butt on hills and can only assume that I give the appearance of someone putting in a full effort on a ride. Now, none of this should matter, but if it ever were a factor, I find it a huge display of arrogance when other riders ignore you on the road. Last night, I'm climbing a big hill, it's 90+ degrees, the sweat is dripping off my helmet, and I see a guy flying down the hill. I go out of my way to wave and say "hi". Nothing. No response. Arrogant prick.
re: Outrageous incident involving Harley rider and cyclist...aliensporebomb
Aug 14, 2002 8:19 AM
Weird. Horrible.

Some idiot trying to impress his bimbo apparently.

The other day on one of my training rides at about 5:40
in the morning I was heading east, going fast and saw in
the opposite lane heading west a guy on a Harley in full
leather coat, sunglasses, jeans and a do-rag giving me
the thumbs up and riding one handed to do it. I nodded
and went on my way. Cool.

Hopefully most riders are representative of what I
experienced and not the guy you ran into.
re: Outrageous incident involving Harley rider and cyclist...CT5
Aug 14, 2002 8:22 AM
I almost always get thumbs up or gracious nods from Harley riders.
Yep. It's the kids on crotchrockets you got watch out for. nmSintesi
Aug 14, 2002 9:27 AM
suv drivers are the dangerous ones....zero1
Aug 14, 2002 8:30 AM
Seems like to me (especially where i live-Macon,GA) motorists in their suv's talking on their cell phones are more dangerous than any motorcycle rider....
You'll still get killed if hit by a motorcyclistkenyee
Aug 14, 2002 10:58 AM
There was an incident in MA a few weeks ago. Cyclist jumped off sidewalk into street and got hit and killed by a was in southern MA IIRC.

I think the problem is inattentive drivers. People keep bashing SUVs (or sports cars, or guns, or knives, or other specific *things*) when it's the people that the blame should be focused on. Bad people are bad no matter what they happen to use. The scary part is their numbers seem to be growing :-(
re: Outrageous incident involving Harley rider and cyclist...fbg111
Aug 14, 2002 1:44 PM
You shoulda just slammed on your breaks with the Harley guy right behind you. Give him a taste of his own medecine. You can even claim later in court that an animal ran out in front of you, forcing you to stop abruptly, and it would be the Harley guy's fault for following too closely. You'd probably end up with a new best friend too, the cyclist who almost got taken out.
I like the way you think...cabinfever
Aug 15, 2002 4:10 AM
While I did slow down quite a bit when I pulled over, I wanted to do what you suggested, but I was so stunned by what I just saw, I couldn't think that quickly. Plus, while it's fun to think about that, it would be just as tragic if I had hurt someone.
I like the way you think...fbg111
Aug 15, 2002 5:41 AM
Yeah, the only thing keeping a person from doing such a thing is the same reason we wouldn't have tried to knock off the cyclist in the first place. A sense of decency. But if the cyclist hadn't recovered and had actually crashed.... that would be a different story. There's always a bigger fish. ;)